Thursday, September 24, 2009

Blog Down! Blog Down!

Anyone with an ounce of "blogger-sense" know why the frick my right hand column is way the hell down at the bottom of my page? I hate being ignorant.


RonSaikowski said...

It looks like it's in the right place at the moment.
Sometimes it's the width of one of the previous columns that exceeds the space you have.

For example, your whole blog is in a 1000 px "wrapper"... you have three columns... 1st one is 500 px, 2nd one is 25o px and the third is 300px. That is over the 1000 allowed by the wrapper. All you need to to is increase the wrapper size or decrease one of the columns so they all fit inside the wrapper.

chosen1 said...

I logged on this morning place that looks a lot like my office, and it was fine. It might just be my new laptop at home that's giving me fits. Thanks for stopping by Ron, if I'd have know such a worthy personality would be stopping by, I'd have cleaned the place up a bit. :) At the risk of sounding like a complete tool, where might one find the place to adjust these arcane "wrappers" that you speak of?

RonSaikowski said...

Under page layout, you have to go into the edit html feature and manually change these things... not for the faint of heart since there can be catastrophic results if not careful.