Wednesday, November 18, 2009

And we're off!

The team registration has been purchased, so Team Snake Eyes is officially attending Adepticon 2010! We've got our team, we just need to get our army. No problem right? Riiight. I made my order for Chapterhouse studio bits for our shoulder pads and some vehicles, and our resin bases are coming from Dark Arts Studios. If I wasn't such a lazy mook, I'd have links to those places over on the right hand column. I'll be doing good to get the army done, let alone properly advertise where we got our stuff from. Speaking of stuff, our minis will be coming from Miniature Market (again with the links) in St. Louis. These guys are fantastic to work with, have an excellent online and physical store and offer what is now the industry standard 20% discount. We're hoping our large order will yield some extra cheddar, but we'll see how the negotiations turn out. Our armies are little changed from the previous post (errors, however, have been fixed), and here's who's taking what:

Da Goffer = Army #1
Chosen 1 = Army #2
Aerion = Army #3
Blowtorch = Army #4

The Crusade has begun. Stay tuned.

EDIT: No longer as lazy a mook as I once was.

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