Thursday, August 12, 2010

Battle Report: Salamanders vs. Lusty Loganwing

Last Thursday I played a guy's Space Wolf army at the store. It was a great game that ended in a draw, but I didn't have my camera so didn't post a battle report. While there, however, I made arrangements with Chambers, of The Back 40k fame, to play a 1500 point game this Thursday. You see, he had an army he bought off a guy, you may have heard of him...Ron Saikowski of +From the Warp+. It wasn't just any army though, that wouldn't make a good enough story. This was Ron's old Lustwing army. If you haven't seen it, follow the link and check it out. Go ahead, I'll wait. You see? Absofrigginlutely gorgeous. I HAD to play this army. End. Of. Story. He used the Space Wolf codex for these guys as there is no option to run all chaos terminators

Our table had 25% terrain and wasn't anything too special. My list was changed up a little bit from my usual 1500 list since I'm trying a few things out to see how they play. I had a librarian (null zone & fury of the ancients); (2) Tac Squads w/power weapons, multi-meltas, flamers, & rhinos; (2) MM/HF dreadnoughts; (2) MM/HF Landspeeders; (5) TH/SS Terminators w/ Land Raider Crusader w/MM; and a Vindicator. I'd love to tell you what his list was, but I know squat about the Space Wolf in I just bought the dang thing tonight. We played an annihilation mission and he had 5 kill points to my 12 if that tells you anything. He had (2) six man squads with missile launchers, a ten man squad with wolf lord, a rune priest, and a lone wolf (I think). As I said, we played annihilation with dawn of war deployment. He deployed his two six man squads, and I left everything to come in on my board edge first turn. He went first, and here's what the board looked like.

Nothing too fancy here. Like an idiot I split my forces again. I might learn, but one would think I would have picked up on it before now...Speeders pushed forward 24" on my left, tac squads sat right where you see them (doing nothing) till turn four, while the dreads, vindicator and landraider made mischief in the middle.

Turn 2 I moved up my terminators to intercept his lone wolf, which was his plan. I flippin hate those guys. You don't get anything from killing them, and if you ignore them for the kill point they run all over your army. Nice.

The next few turns saw my terminators and their librarian owned by his 10 man squad with a wolf lord in it. Absolutely sick. Seriously, there ought to be a law. What you see in the above picture is evidence of my public shame. (1) Vindicator, a point blank land raider crusader, (1) tactical squad, and a rhino shot at that squad. Plenty of hits, plenty of forced saves...I killed three of them. That's pretty much how my night went in a nutshell.

At the end of the day, while I had killed quite a few of his terminators, I only gained 2 kill points. Chambers had 9. It was an uphill fight from the beginning, my deployment wasn't ideal, and Chambers played a smart game. He was a fantastic opponent that I won't hesitate to play again and I got to play against an army that I drooled over on the internet. Ironically, my librarian HQ was converted by Ron, and killed like a little #$%^ before he could perform. So while I learned it's probably worth while for me to equip my Tac Sgts. with power weapons, I still have doubts about power armored librarians...and no terminator librarians to try out. It was a tough night for the Salamanders as a whole but my biggest failing was not having a decent camera to take better pictures. You just cannot imagine how beautiful this Lustwing army was.

Take home messages? Play Space Wolves, they're better than you are. Seriously though, that is one tough codex, and Loganwing is no joke either (for my typical army build anyway). I made a few mistakes, but none were truly epic. A few different choices and I might have earned a few more kill points, but I would have needed to table this army to earn a win and that would have required Chambers to fail just a few of those 5+ invulnerable saves he was making. ;-)


Chambers said...

Chosen 1 isn't giving the full story here, My dice were ridiculous last night.

I couldn't fail an invulnerable save for want of trying. I hung out my massive squad in the open to catch his TH/SS terminators with the end result that I passed more 5++ saves than his 3++. This coupled with every time I shot a CML I hit and at least glanced (more likely penned) meant that my army which started out gunned quickly made up the difference through freakish die rolls.

It was a great game, having two nicely painted and converted armies on the table at the same time seems to lend to these types of games. We spent most of the night laughing at the die rolls and wincing at the comments from the peanut gallery. I am definitely looking forward to a rematch where we can expect the die rolls to even out slightly more. :)

For the record here Was my list:
The two HQ join the big unit so that they reach 12 in number and proceed to be the hammer that death star units are. While the smaller two units try to ty up loose ends and make sure that the OP4 doesn't completely flank me. The Lone wolf is there so that I wouldn't have to break sacred numbers and still make the point mark of the game. His job is to die pretty simple, get up cause havoc and then to die.

1496 Pts - Space Wolves Roster (Lust Wing)

HQ: Logan Grimnar, The Great Wolf (1#, 275 pts)
HQ: Rune Priest (1#, 125 pts)
1 Rune Priest in Terminator Armour; Combi-Flamer; Jaws of the World Wolf; Living Lightning

Troops: Wolf Guard Pack (10#, 475 pts)
Assault Cannon x2; Combi-Meltagun x3; Power Fist x2; Chain Fist x2; Double Wolf Claw; Wolf Claw
Troops: Wolf Guard Pack (6#, 268 pts)
Cyclone Missile Launcher; Combi-Flamer x2; Double Wolf Claw; Chain Fist
Troops: Wolf Guard Pack (6#, 268 pts)
Cyclone Missile Launcher; Combi-Meltagun; Wolf Claw; Double Wolf Claw; Chain Fist

Elite: Lone Wolf (1#, 85 pts)
Storm Shield; Thunder Hammer

chosen1 said...

Thanks for posting your list Chambers. A rematch is absolutely in the works! I just have to find more power armor for my scouts - newly promoted to full battle brothers - to wear since it seems most of what I had got turned into green confetti last night. :)

chaplainaerion said...

-sighs dramatically-

I'll break out the Snot Green.

Chambers said...

Consider your post stolen
have a nice day

chosen1 said...

No worries, I'll be by at some point to visit. Can't do it at work...govt. filters won't let me visit your blog, but I can come to mine. Typical federal efficiency. That or you Back 40k types are known subversives. :)

chaplainaerion said...

I'm pretty sure I saw a poster of them at the Post Office.