Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Adepticon Team Tournament Players Take Note!

For anyone thinking of playing in the Adepticon Team Tournament (April 2, 2011) please review the draft rules up on their site. They have made significant changes to the format and rules that will likely impact how army lists are created. I'm not too worried about things on the whole, as Team Snake Eyes is not likely to finish that high in the standings to begin with, but do head over and review things like:

2011 Team Tournament Draft Rules
2011 Model Policy


chaplainaerion said...

HEY! None of that pessimist stuff. That's my schtik! Get your own.

chosen1 said...

Oh, this isn't Sad Panda stuff, it's just going to be hard, I think, to take a Codex: Space Marines army in general (specifically backed with my army list-fu) to Adepticon this year and do well. I'm going to settle for hoping we don't get beat down as badly as last year. :)