Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ard Boyz Permission Slip

Would you let this count as a MotF w/Conversion Beamer on a Bike?

So I recently learned that I have permission from Holy Terra (Mrs. Chosen1) to participate in the Ard Boyz tournament at my FLGS, Fantasy Games in Fairview Heights, IL.  Having never considered this possibility, I don't really have an army list prepared, so I'm digging out one of my "stock" lists that I keep on hand to prevent the folks who play me on a regular basis from seeing the same army  list twice.  While I have a lot of models, I don't generally have enough stuff to field any "niche" lists or anything like that.  I have, however, recently acquired a 2nd Land Raider Crusader/Redeemer, but it won't be ready for this coming weekend.  "But your Land Raider looks awesome Chosen1, and it's Ard Boyz so it doesn't need to be fully painted."  Bite your filthy tongue heretic, no member of the XVIII sets foot "...unto the anvil of war" without being fully painted.  I give all praise to CVinton, though he has recently fallen prey to the wicked wiles of Chaos, he can convert the heck out of a model.  It just won't see battle until Aerion has had his way with it.

Is it really a Chapel on Wheels?

Anywho, here's my proposed list-in-progress:

Master of the Forge w/Conversion Beamer
Forgefather Vulkan He'Stan
Tactical Squad w/Powerfist, Combi-Melta, Multi-Melta, Flamer, & Rhino
Tactical Squad w/Powerfist, Combi-Melta, Multi-Melta, Flamer, & Rhino
Tactical Squad w/Lascannon, Flamer, & T.L.L.C. Razorback
Tactical Squad w/Lascannon, Flamer, & T.L.L.C. Razorback
(5) Scouts w/Sniper Rifles & Cammo Cloaks
Dreadnought w/Multi-Melta & Heavy Flamer
Dreadnought w/Multi-Melta & Heavy Flamer
Dreadnought w/Multi-Melta & Heavy Flamer
Land Speeder w/Multi-Melta & Heavy Flamer
Land Speeder w/Multi-Melta & Heavy Flamer
(2) Land Speeders w/Multi-Meltas & Heavy Flamers
Ironclad Dreadnought w/Heavy Flamer, Assault Launchers, & Drop Pod
Vindicator w/Siege Shield & Extra Armor
Vindicator w/Siege Shield & Extra Armor

Yeah, it's a Vulkan list.  I play Salamanders...get over it.  There's a lot of flamer & melta, but I'm living proof that those lists aren't all that tough.  My win-loss ratio of late is awful heavy on the L, and light on the W.  It only works out to 2490 points, but I'll be honest 2500 points is a bit much for me.  I wonder about the best use of points on 1500 point lists, so when I get up to this level, my army lists start looking like Ricky Bobby's hands during his first television interview: "...what do I do with these?"


Da Warboss said...

I welcome the Salamanders compared to all the Thunderwolf/Long Fang missile spam.

Mad Pat said...

Thunderfire looks great, and the haters are just jealous because your taking Vulcan in an actually salamanders list instead of all of those "plays as" lists. Really Vulkan in Imperial Fist yellow?

chosen1 said...

@ Da Warboss: I concur. I was a punching bag for a Long Fang heavy Space Wolf list the other day, and it was in no way an entertaining experience. That codex is stronger than mine, there's no doubt about it.

@ Mad Pat: I am continually surprised by the number of folks who see that I've brought Vulkan and a large amount of flamer/melta weapons and call "cheese" on me. After they beat me, I corner them with "so how'd you do against all that cheese?" or "doesn't seem so cheesy now does it?" comments. While I don't have a problem with folks using the named characters in the SM codex with their own chapter, I get very little recognition for sticking true to the feel of the Salamander's chapter. The forces of Chaos work in mysterious ways! :)

chaplainaerion said...

"...what do I do with these?"

Answer: Smash face! (or in your case, melt 'em).

Personally I ADORE 2000+ point games. I can actually utilize the few edges the Templar codex still has over newer codexes (LR Crusader transports, anyone?).

I guess since you've tossed out your list I should probably do the same. Damn you and your untimely blogs.

ammobunkerdean said...

Meh.. I lean towards the L column too. There is no shame in that with a themed list.

We're going to Valhalla's gate in Columbia Mo.

I'm taking

Chappie in termi armor
3 Deathwing choppy squads
2 Deathwing shooty squads
1 LR
3 RW bikes
5 man Tac in a Rhino for late objective grabbing.... (and for the one troops mini you have to give up for the first game... I cant just give up a 43pt termie and get a grot in return....)

chosen1 said...

Well ammobunkerdean, how'd that list turn out for you? Mine didn't do too badly, but I didn't rewrite the 41st millennia's rules for warfare. :)

chaplainaerion said...

I got a rock.