Saturday, January 21, 2012

Road to Adepticon: Motivational

It's 2012, the last year on Earth. Before the next Presidential election the zombie hordes are due to destroy life as we know it. But before THAT, a completely different horde of strange and wonderful individuals will descend upon unsuspecting Chicago-land for a weekend of combat with plastic and white metal warriors.

This will be Team Snake Eyes third straight Team Tourney. We are currently toiling, brush and Exacto knife in hand, to bring some new additions to our Salamander force. We are excited about these reinforcements and hopefully they will meet or surpass the standards we have set for ourselves in previous years.

I had wanted to do something for my brothers-in-arms for the holidays, but, as often happens, the holiday hecticness made me put it off until now. So, lads, here is a late but heartfelt look back at where we've been in an attempt to energize us for the sprint toward April.

I give you the first ever Team Snake Eyes Motivational. Enjoy!


chosen1 said...

VERY cool...except for the parts that remind me about just how little hair I have left on my head. :-)

Old School Terminator said...

Looking forward to seeing you guys there again this year! The nids are making their return and would love to see if lizards really do taste like chicken!

chaplainaerion said...

Actually, having eaten the gator at our local cajun place, I can say definitively that lizard tastes like lizard, not chicken.

chosen1 said...

And, I've been told that if you fry an insect, it's just like eating some chips. If only we knew where to get some fire... ;)

Narceron said...

Hey, I know you guys, I met a few of you at the Castle Perilous, :)

I'll be at adepticon this year, maybe we can get a game in, or maybe we can battle it out locally, I'm in very southern IL, metropolis area, :)

chosen1 said...

Metropolis? That is south. My daughter goes to school down there, and I used to work in Union County, so I know that country.