Monday, May 28, 2012

Iron Hands Venerable Dread & List Advice

Bannus has returned with some new conversion/paint work on a Venerable Dread for his Iron Hands.  I'm quite impressed actually.  Bannus has moved from my part of the world up to the Windy City.  We miss seeing him at the store, but we're awfully glad he's staying in touch by showing us his work.  Enjoy!

Pretty cool no?  I like that we've got a couple of TSE members churning out sweet Iron Hands conversions. Ol' Seth and Bannus need to hook up and make a monstrous Iron Hands force.

Additionally, Bannus offered up some list advice to break me out of my gaming rut recently.  He suggested that I make "elementally" themed lists and offered up a Water List as a suggestion.  I've copied both the list and a description in his words below:

Varro Tigurius

10 scouts w/ Bolters, Heavy bolter, Powerfist, combi-melta, Melta-Bombs
10 scouts w/ Bolters, Heavy bolter, Powerfist, combi-melta, Melta-Bombs
10 Scouts w/Sniper Rifles, Missile Launcher, Sergeant Telion

Ironclad Dreadnought w/Heavy Flamer, DCCW, Ironclad Assault Launchers, Drop Pod & Locator Beacon
Ironclad Dreadnought w/Heavy Flamer, DCCW, Ironclad Assault Launchers, Drop Pod & Locator Beacon
5 terminators w/Assault Cannon, 2 Chainfists

Fast Attack

Space Marine Bikes w/Additional biker, Melta Gun, Melta Bombs, Multi Melta Attack Bike

Heavy Support
Vindicator w/Dozer Blade
Vindicator w/Dozer Blade
Vindicator w/Dozer Blade

I created this list as a "water" list.  And the idea is, much like how water changes shape to fit whatever container it is in, this list will adapt to whatever enemy you might face.  It has one other strength, nobody will see it coming.
Tigurius is the key to the whole list, with his ability you can re-roll any reserve roll, so you will have an easier time controlling when your units enter the game.  This fits in perfectly with the scouts, drop pods, and terminators.  He also can use three psychic powers a turn, and may choose from all psychic powers, which adds versatility to any unit he is attached to.  He is vulnerable though, so keep him safe.
The scouts themselves are outfitted with anti-tank, anti-infantry, and a close combat weapon, and should be able to take on most enemies.  And they have many special rules that allow you to adapt to the situation, both while deploying and after.  Just avoid heavy flamers.
Ther Ironclads in drop pods can be deployed when and where you need them, and if you plan it right, the terminators can use the locator beacons to deepstrike with precision.  The Ironclads themselves have a meltagun and seismic hammer for vehicles, and a heavy flamer for infantry, so again, very versatile.
The attack bikes look anti-vehicle at first, but dont forget they have twin-linked bolters also.  Combined with relentless they can rapid-fire before charging to take on infantry units, have 5 wounds at T5, and can always choose to fail morale if they cet in an assault they didn't want to.
The terminators with chainfists, storm bolters, and assault cannon can take on almost anything.  And you should be able to drop them wherever they are needed, if your enemy decides to destroy your pods to stop this, then who cares?  He didnt shoot your other units, and all of them are dangerous.
And finally, the vindicators, though they are the most out of place, S10, AP2 large blasts are useful for anything.  And they are also useful mobile cover for other units because they can move while firing to full effect, so if you choose to deploy your scouts at your board edge, they will always have cover behind the vindicators.  They also leave your opponent no room to run if you deepstrike/outflank the rest of your army. 
This army's main weakness is against speed, once they are deployed they are slow, but speed isn't as necessary when every unit is equipped to handle every task.  Against a fast opponent I think you will be fine if you keep the units close enough together that they can support each other.

Let us know what you think!


Grenn Dal said...

That is one nice Dread. I am most impressed.

Bannus said...

Thanks Grenn!

Bannus said...

@ Chaplain Aerion: The dread is no longer this shiny, This picture was taken after the gloss and first coat of matte varnish were applied. The Liquitex varnish I switched to after my GW disaster needs to be shaken about twice as long to work properly. The result is a smooth, flat finish.

I just finished his lascannon and missile launcher arms, and will email Chosen1 those pics in a couple weeks. You can see the end result then (No need for another post Chosen1)

In conclusion, the liquitex brand is like most women I've dated, high maintenance, but easy on the eyes.

chaplainaerion said...

Good to know. Thanks Bannus. And lovely work on the Dread.

Ol' Seth said...

I love it. Very well done.