Tuesday, November 20, 2012

And now for something completely different...

Not really, but it's been so long since I posted anything up here I was straining to think of something suitably clever.  I believe I failed.  In any event, I was previously doing yeoman's work on painting up my birthday gift that the lads got together for me.

It's coming along, but I needed a break
Painting it, however, was a bit of a challenge.  I don't want to screw it up and the fact that I've been doing nothing but Salamanders for the past few years was wearing me down.  That AND learning a new edition of the rules sort of burned me out.  Not that I hadn't done well enough with it, as I had won both a local Rogue Trader (solely on the basis of soft scores...I went 1 - 2 on the day) and a five week league held at the shop.  I just needed something...different.

I had long held an admiration for all things Nurgle, and set about creating plans and shopping list for a Chaos Daemons list with Chaos Space Marine allies.  I planned on using the Daemons both for 40K and for a Warhammer Fantasy skirmish game that we were planning for the shop.  The marines were to be pre-heresy Forgeworld models, and all was to be awesome.  Then I went to one of our Apocalypse games and almost all of my opponents had Nurgle armies.  The last thing I wanted to do was join that infectious crowd.  What was I to do?

East, I just had to Change My Ways!!!
It turns out that I was destined to head into the shifty embrace of the Dark Gods but we had guys who played all of the flavors except Tzeentch.  Challenge Accepted!  My fledgling Tzeentch Daemon army was born.

On top of that, I managed to snag one of the coveted slots in this year's 40K Friendly event at Adepticon.  Now I was burned out on the Team Tournament, but I wanted to head back to Chicago and try something different.  So Friendly tournament on Friday and Combat Patrol on Saturday is where I'll be found in 2013.

The Dark Gods have blessed my efforts with a Daemonic Familiar.
She INSISTS on helping me out every time I paint.
Obviously, I'm still shopping for suitable Battlefoam trays.  Suggestions are welcome.
The lads are still in progress, but I'm optimistic.  No competition quality here,
I'm just going for a fun, table-top ready quality.
Damn finecast.  My Changeling's staff broke like it was it's job.
I hacked off it's arm and put a Horror arm on it.
My conversion skillz are sick.

I'm done rambling folks.  Updates to follow, I promise.


chaplainaerion said...

Screw competition quality. That crap is for idiots (like your's-truly). That icky abomination pink thingee (terminology lifted straight from the Black Templar reference document) looks fantastic! I'm proud to see you stepping out of the comfort zone and doing new things. Let me know if I can help, but you seem to have things well in-hand. Welcome back, brother.

Grenn Dal said...

umm...I would like to say they look awesome but I can't bring myself to compliment chaos. Out of all the non marines you could have chosen you picked the only thing I hate more than the power armor wussies.

oh well, they all die the same and at least you don't have the 2+/3++ guys that completely piss me off. Now if you start running fateweaver I might cry...in 6th he is a pain to get rid of.

Looking forward to sending you back to the warp.

SeeJay87 said...

I to can not compliment chaos. I hope to shoot some of your ugly daemons with my battle suits. Also you cat looks just like my cat Ben. He also likes to help me paint, or lay on my mouse hand when I play games.

Anonymous said...

Warhammer Skirmish??? Speaking of such an unholy thing may get you ostracized... Welcome to my world..

chosen1 said...

I suppose. I don't know too many guys who like Fantasy; I'm certainly in that camp. Our store manager is a huge fan of fantasy, and in an attempt to woo some of us 40k nutters into his world, he developed a skirmish version of the game that we're trying out. It's not a horrible experience, but it won't replace our 40k stuff. It's just served as an interested distraction for us when we have a desire to mix it up on a Sunday.

Emperor's Wrath said...

It's good to have another minion..err another Chaos player join the ranks. Ignore the xenos lovers and their jealous comments!!

Mad Pat said...

I won't comment on your fall to the dark gods. But your bird is looking awesome, can't wait to see her completed. I've got to get back to mine.