Monday, February 17, 2014

Among other Things

Sihedron Rune
So, those unfortunates who read my last post may remember that I signed off by stating that I had caught everyone up on all of my hobby related goings on.  That wasn't entirely true.  As of next month, I'll be restarting my Pathfinder game that had to be put on hold due to the birth of my son.  Hopefully we can finish this adventure path up in good time.  I'm eager to run the lads through the current AP, Wrath of the Righteous.

Rise of the Runelords, however, has been good to us.  The group isn't "completely" full of weirdos and feaks (characters that is, my friends are all relatively normal) and I'm really enjoying our weekly sessions.

Also on the agenda is yet another 40k project.  While I have a few outstanding tasks I'd like to get sorted out with the Salamanders (Storm Eagle mainly), and a brand new Necron army in the works (some dumb ass decided painting them white would be a good idea...), my wife got me a Deathwing army for Christmas.  That last statement may not be entirely correct.  I saw a Deathwing army for sale, asked her if I could get it, and her reply was: (long pause) "Merry Christmas".  Hey, I'll take it, I have no shame.

It came with Belial, a Terminator Librarian, a command squad (with a spare Apothecary), a squad of 8 DW Knights, and 2 squads of DW with Assault Cannons.  That comes to 1500 points.  I added two more squads of DW with Cyclone Missile Launchers to round it up to 1850-2000 points.  I've always liked the idea of a DW army.  Its small, only 36 models, even without considering vehicles.  I don't actually plan on considering vehicles as that defeats the purpose of a small, compact, elite force.  When you have north of 12k of Salamanders, moving that herd is draining.  This force will fit into two 2" Battlefoam trays with room left over.  It's nowhere near competitive, but again, that's not why I got it.  I suppose you could say I have "Large Army Fatigue".  I'm sure it's a real thing, just look it up.  I plan to have the armor air brushed, and then I'll sort out the details later on.  I'll post updates as I get them, but I'm wondering when I'll have time for the Necrons let alone these lads...


Mad Pat said...

Don't feel bad i've owned the Storm Eagle for 2 years now, and she only got assembled last june. Still not painted.

chosen1 said...

I've prettu much got it together. Fuselage is built, wings are built, just not glued on, and the pilot/doors need sorting out. My base coat is done, I just need to pick out the metallics and do the highlights. In short, the easy work is done, I just need work on all the hard stuff.

Grenn Dal said...

NOOOOOO!!!! not another power armor jerks. you were doing so well T.T

Get back to those Necrons! we Xenos need some lovin!

I do love the storm eagle. it is a cool model.

If I was doing a SM army I think that Ravenwing or Death wing is the way I would have gone as well. Probably the models from puppet's war though with a samurai look but at least I would use the same book as you lol.