Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rogue Trader prep

Since our esteemed leader is in the wicked throes of semester end, I'll make an effort to generate some lively discussion.

A goodly number of us are gearing up for the Rogue Trader in Carbondale this weekend. So far I have the following peeps on my radar:

Me- Black Templars
Chad- Imp Guard
Dave H.- Orks
Partho- Orks
Kelly- SoB
Dave B.- Imp Guard
Seth- Eldar (i.e. Best Army winner)

So, did I forget anyone? Did I get all the armies right? What are your hopes and dreams regarding this tourney? For myself, I hope to finally put a completed army on the table and make a good showing while having a great time with my friends.

1 comment:

Warlock said...

Well will see how the Imp Guard does with the new Codex. But I am there to have fun.