Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Gate to Awesome

As Art Director for the Sons of Vulkan contingent of Team Snake Eyes I'm in the midst of the final brush strokes on a few key models for our Adepticon army. My mind is now beginning to focus on a way to properly display these models in a way that won't embarrass us while keeping the wives and our aging backs happy.

The vision I have involves a lot of black and lava, but there needs to be something...else. In my quest for ideas I found Quantum Gothic. Naturally they're in the UK, so their borderline reasonable prices become less so when converted to dollars. But their stuff is (to quote my hero Peter Griffin) "Freakin' sweeeet!". The gate piece pictured here opens in a fashion where the front and back panels fold down, forming a little ramp for troops and vehicles to move over. The gate is wide enough to allow bikes through, so it's a bit on the small side. However, you can purchase additional gates to sit side by side, thereby creating as wide an opening as you wish.

They have an impressive list of terrain and fortification options from which to choose. If I were made of money the display board would be en-route to my house from the sceptered isle right now. Oh cursed fate! Why did you make me sexy instead of rich!?

Anyway, if you're in the market for some sweet resin bunkers, walls, sentry guns, craters, etc. check them out. For that old guy on the golden chair!!

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Old School Terminator said...

Still coming to Adepticon? Looking forward to seeing you guys there!