Friday, April 27, 2012

Adepticon 2012: I Think I Found My Style

Normally I would have posted something about Team Snake Eyes' 2012 Team Tournament results sooner, but several things conspired against me.  Fist, we got our collective asses kicked.  That stings a bit.  :-)  Second, my photo taking/retrieving process has a few flaws in it.  Considering just about everything that went on this year in Chicago was flawed for us, it should come as no surprise that we can't post a timely blog on the subject.

Well lets pull this band-aid off shall we?  In 2010 we finished 92nd out of 110 teams.  In 2011 we stepped it up a bit and finished 37th out of 106 teams.  This year we finished 99th out of 116.  We managed 0 wins, 2 draws, and 6 magnificent losses.  Awesome.  Here's our breakdown:

184 total points (out of 444)
59 Battle Points (out of 240)
15 Sportsmanship Points (out of 16)
17 Commander's Heads (out of 32)
14 Commander's Tokens (out of 32)
45 Theme Points (out of 60)
39 Painting Points (out of 60)
6 Spirit Points (unspecified)
10 Quiz Points (out of 10)

Not only did we set new record lows for our team performance, we also managed to score lower on both our theme (which was unchanged from last year) and painting (where we specifically included better looking models than those we fielded last year), so we've got that going for us at least.

Our matchups were as follows:

Round #1 = The Midwest Fringe (Orks) - finished 61st

These guys were a great team to play, with an awesome looking Ork army.  This round had weird, random "secret missions" that neither of our armies were prepared to accomplish.  My coalition drew, while the other got tabled.  I didn't mind the poor performance here since they were an outstanding group of guys.

Bray'arth did well this game accounting for a Bike Warboss, War Bikers,
and a squad of boyz.  His lost both is arms and "his Milkshake brought
all the boyz to the yard."

This was what my other coalition's table looked like.  It was not pretty (for us).

Round #2 = Baal to the Bone (Blood Angels) - finished 106th

There were three cool guys on this team and one gigantic tool.  I'm a laid back, low-maintenance guy and I almost walked away from the table twice.  I lost my composure a few times, and I regret every moment I spent at that table.

Although his terminators are gone by the time we took this pic, and Vulkan was drug
down and beaten like a stray dog, they accounted for a great deal of Sanguinius' Sons.
Not sure what happened on the other table.  Things were a obscured by a maddening rage.

Round #3 = Fuster Cluck (Necrons) - finished 79th

This team restored my faith in humanity.  After the second round, I knew that nothing I or my team did would salvage my weekend.  We were going to lose, lose horribly, and no one would weep at our destruction.  These guys not only had a gorgeous necron army, with outstanding Wraith conversions, but before we even got to the first turn, pulled out some beers and gave us some.  It seems a simple gesture, but at that moment, it was the best thing that could have happened to me.  We lost those games, but I had as good a time as I could with those guys.  Top notch Fuster Cluckians, I really enjoyed meeting you guys.

Bray'arth, again, accounted well for himself.  He never died in all four games
despite repeated, determined, attempts to do so.  He may not have "earned back
his points" in all games, but he was fun to play.
Sweet conversion no?

Round #4 = Da Boyz Wolfpack (Space Wolves) - finished 46th

I actually played one of these guys back in was a wolf team back then, and they were an awesome opponent then, and they're still an awesome group of guys.  We didn't really get beat by them, we got our faces kicked in.  But they too gave us beer, and they were (for the most part) under the influence themselves.  It says a lot when you can clobber another team while sloppy drunk, but at this point I really didn't care.  I wanted the pain to end, and was laughing and joking with them as everything we tried failed and everything they did turned to gold.  Good times.

This was a mission where kill points could only be earned by one half of a
coalition.  This, entirely ignorant, style of mission supports a perverse incentive
whereby half a an army hides like a little girl and a mini game of slap fighting is played.
In our case, the Space Wolves that hid also had Rune Priests with unlimited range
shooting attacks, so...yeah.
PBR with a smile?  Yeah, it was that kind of day.
Another neat fact?  Of the 17 teams that finished lower than Team Snake Eyes in the rankings, 11 of them had higher Battle Points than we did.  Team Death Star actually dropped out of the competition and finished with more battle points than we did.  Bleh.


TheGraveMind said...

Ouch, there isn't much to say that can comfort that much pain.
I do slightly know what it is like. I've been practicing against my buddy who has been winning the local tournaments. Leading up to the recent one I beat him twice, ending his winning streak.
At the tournament I came dead last scoring 0 points while he won it. He is still undefeated besides our two games, and I go and lose every game.

The last game 15 assault marines in combat with 20 ork boyz caused 0 wounds on the first round of combat.... Dice gods are petty and cruel.

chosen1 said...

I do know that kind of pain. I don't if it's just because they were being polite, or we really are some kind of universal nexus where the laws of probability go to die...but all four of our opponts remarked on the knack we had for failing the dice rolls that mattered.

Lord Solar Steve said...

Ya go team Death Star... sorry that sucked for you guys... next year lets make a night for DFG and TSE to all go out to dinner. Usually we find Thursday night works best when we all go out and drink ourselves silly, but its all up to you all.

chaplainaerion said...

Don't feel too bad, my brother. Losing is the new WINNING!!! The Cult of Charlie Sheen told me this, right before they brought out the hulking brute in a gimp mask, yeah. That's the part they told me not to share. Carry on.

Bannus said...

Sorry to hear you all did so poorly. It was probably a mixture of bad dice and a very outdated codex. Even Vulkan marines can't compete anymore after all of the codexes from 3rd edition went from being awful to being 3 of the best.

On the plus side, you should be updated in time for adepticon 2013.

It was great to see you guys there, thanks for the beer!

chosen1 said...

Thanks Bannus! It was great catching up with you, we appreciated you stopping by. I can't take credit for the beer, however, the good lads from Da Boyz - Wolfpack we played in round 4 handed those out. It helped numb the pain I guess. :) Let us know if you find a decent group up north to play with.

Grenn Dal said...

I am sorry you got beat so soundly. Hopefully next year I can be there to share your pain. (at least be ready to hand you the pain killer AKA beer) I did like those wraiths though :)

Bannus said...

Actually I registered for Adeptuswindycity and found a pretty sizable group not too far from me. I haven't been able to plan a game yet, but they seem to be a decent group of people so far.

In other news, I was on the laststep of my new venerable dread, a coat of flat varnish. I forgot about what humidity does to spray varnish and may have ruined my paint job. Very sad.

chaplainaerion said...

All may not be lost, Bannus. Get yourself a dehumidifier (or find a way to spray in a drier climate). Respray the model with some Testor's Dulcoate (never, EVER, use anything else). The second coat should soften the initial, fuzzy coat and fix the issue. If not, you may try spraying again with the original stuff (can't get any worse, right?). Last resort, dip, strip, and try again. Don't feel like the Lone Ranger. I did the same thing to my first P3 entry the morning night before leaving for GenCon. I woke up to frosty the Ravager and his fuzzy (literally) Warp Wolf warbeasts. The autumn colored grass at least looked like it had a coat of frost, which might have been a benefit if the rest of the models hadn't been ruined. Live and learn.

Bannus said...

I sprayed over with a gloss coat instead, which mostly solved the issue, there are some imperfections left over. I decided to try the flat coat again on a test piece (dry weather this time) and the same thing happened. So the lesson here is never use GW varnish.

I bought a liquitex flat coat and sprayed it last night, so if that went well you will have pictures this week to enjoy.

chaplainaerion said...

Oh, you were using GW varnish. Why didn't you say so? Yeah, it's total crap. Avoid Armory also. That's what screwed my stuff up. Testors is the old stand-by. A lot of the varnishes have a tendency to yellow over time (especially when sunlight is involved). Dullcoate has been around for literally decades (I was using it when I was a yungun learning to paint minis back in the early 80s). I still have minis that I varnished with Testors and they are still the same color they were the day I sprayed them. Let me know how the Liquitex works out. It's always good to have a backup in case.

Bannus said...

YOu know it's funny, I was using testors, and bought the GW brand because I was in the store anyway. Then I heard a podcast, (the codex project), and he talked up this brand in comparison to testors. So I bought it.

He particularly said that it dries extremely matt, but after using two coats, my dread is still pretty darm glossy, and theres no way I'm putting another coat on, I must have 1/8 of an inch of varnish already.

Long story short, it's not too bad, but I'm going to stick with Testors.