Monday, May 5, 2014

My C'tan has transcended, what's your excuse?

...and he shall be known as Bocephus
I am slowly plugging away at this whole "Necron Thing" that I've gotten myself into.  I wish all of the models were as easy as this guy was to paint.  (1) Prime with GW white spray; (2) Heavy wash with Thrakka Green; (3) Drybrush with Astronomicon Grey; (4) Drybrush with whatever the hell that new GW white drybrush paint is called.  The base, as with all of the bases in the army, is the Armageddon Dust texture paint with a drybrush of Ushabti Bone over the top.  The bases are simple at the moment, so they can be upgraded if I get the inspiration and/or energy & time to take them further.

No clever name for Lordy McLorderson as of yet.
I believe I regret posting a close up pic.  This guy definitely looks better at a distance...with better light...and a better camera...and a completely different model painted by someone better than me.  :)

We are making progress on our Tuesday night "Friendly" league.  We will model our elite choice tomorrow evening.  Since I'm already finished with that, I'll be working on the albatross that is my necron warriors.  There's always more of them to paint.  Additionally, I'd like to show up to our competitive league night on Thursday if only to take pictures.  It seems that all I'm reading about on the internet is how GW is failing (they are), and how the game is dying (it might be), and how everyone is abandoning the 40k ship (they might be, but not around here, that's for damn sure).

In any event, here's the official Team Snake Eyes stance on the current state of Warhammer 40k:  We don't give a crap.  We've spent too damn much money and time on our models that GW could decree that all hands must play the game in latin and that d100 dice will be used for every purpose and that any model from any book can be grammar school chums and benefit from each other's wargear and rules and we will straight up ignore that trash.  We'll play the version of the game we enjoy, with the models we've painstakingly collected over the years and poured our blood, sweat, tears, & wife-points (married chaps know where I'm coming from here) into modeling/converting and painting them.  Soldier on you ninny's.  Don't let the bad men tell you how to play with your dolls.


MasterSlowPoke said...

Hey, we have the same Overlord!

For the orby things, a great way to make them look good is to coat them with Tamiya Clear Green. It's similar to the Clear Red that everyone uses for blood, but, well, green. It really makes those orbs pop!

chosen1 said...

Thanks! I tried using GW's Ard Coat, and was somewhat satisfied, but would have liked a bit more shine. Of corse I then sponged on my weathering, so it got dingy...I may give the tamiya a try.

chosen1 said...

Oh, and nice overlord! You're that guy with the better painted model I was talking about! :-)

Grenn Dal said...

Man I wish I was as good as you at painting. I just know I don't have the talent or patience.

I am on the same page as you are on the whole state of 40k thing. We will carry on and keep pushing around our little dollies making sound effects as we play.

The Law said...

Hmm so that's the C'Tan that my wolves and ravens will be shooting repeatedly. Good to know.
Also, as for the rules change I'm much less worried about the rule book itself and slightly more concerned with the d-bags who will abuse the unbound rules and the like. Fortunately I play with chaps like yourself who won't do that.

chosen1 said...

Indeed. Our crew is pretty solid. The rickety bums of the Chadarkh Dynasty are a far cry from competitive. We had to stretch to make the 2k point line. :-)