Sunday, May 18, 2014

Vulkan Sighted at Forge World's Heresy Weekender

Vulkan!  BoLS Lounge member DrLove42 posted up some photos of this weekend's Heresy event across the pond.  Lots of juicy Salamander Legion stuff I can't afford such as sweet new terminators, upgrade kits, a Salamander Contemptor Dreadnought, & of course Vulkan himself.  Additionally, there was quite a bit of stuff about the Mechanicum (a Dark Mechanicum list is in the works Chambers!), Knights, and some of the other lesser legions.  Head over to the thread and check it out.

Not the pose I expected, but still very cool.

A bit of paint, and a few of his lads...
EDIT:  Recalcitrant Daze has some sweet pics of Salamandary goodness over on their site:
...such as this beauty right here.  Aerion, the forge is calling.


The Law said...

It looks like vulkan may be part of a duel. I'd wager against the night haunter. Also, both of my legions take offense to the lesser legion comment.

chosen1 said...

You may be right about that duel they way they've been posing these guys lately. And you wouldn't be lesser if you just had red eyes. And black skin, that helps. Oh, and green power armor. Plus a volcanic death world for a home planet. And you can't forget an unhealthy fascination with fire...
Luckily the lads from the XVIII Legion aren't nearly as crass as I am. The Ravens are clearly our brothers from The heresy, and the wolves ARE handy to have around as long as you can keep them in drink. :-)

Chaplain Aerion said...

I'm already painting the [BLEEP!] outta this thing in my head.

chosen1 said...

My first thought when I saw the FW paint job: "those poor fools, Aerion could out paint that without breaking a sweat".

Grenn Dal said...

nice to see your salamanders get some lovin. I love the 30k stuff even if there is nothing there for us Xeno players.

really if GW keeps reaising its prices, pretty soon the forge world stuff will be the same if not cheaper.

Chambers said...

Of course by Dark Mechanicus you mean True Mecheanicus, your side are the techno-heretics that follow a rotting corpse.

Stupid Forge World Stealing all of my money and making me wait.

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