Monday, May 25, 2009

IG vs. Orks @ 1500pts

I had a great game with the new Imperial Guard codex today against Partho's orks. I showed up with: (3) leman russ tanks, (2) chimera mounted veteran squads, (1) heavy bolter armed vet squad w/ Sgt. Harker, (3) autocannon armed armored sentinels, (1) devil dog, & a chimera mounted company command squad. Partho had an approximation of the following: (2) battlewagons filled with 20 boyz each, a truck w/ Gazgull, a painboy, and 6 nobz, a truck with shoota boyz, and truck with slugga boyz and his ubiquitous biker mob. We played capture & control with spearhead deployment. I won the roll to pick deployment area, but subsequently Partho "siezed the initiative". That was a grim sign of things to come. :)

Partho's Orks are fairly mechanized, and those two battlewagons are able to reliably transport their cargo where they are needed. I, however, have always played drop troop/light infantry guard armies. So, neither Partho nor I knew what the hell I was doing, and the first two turns were relatively uneventful. Partho didn't dismount because he didn't have enough anti-tank at range. I couldn't stop his advance for the same reason. On turn three he moves forward, dismounts and tears me a new ass with his power klaws. I lost two of the LR tanks and my command chimera. What really hurt, was loosing all of my mounted special weapons from the destroyed vehicle. After that, I focused my surviving templates on his (now more vulnerable) infantry,b killing them in large numbers. In the end, it came down to famous Team Snake Eyes rolling (failing leadership, difficult terrain checks, etc.) and some clever tricks on both our parts. Partho ended up with both objectives for a decisive Ork win.

My first thoughts are that in 5th edition the easiest thing to earn is a win or a draw in a capture and control mission...I earned neither. Partho is a skilled warboss, however, and it was my first game with the new codex using an army style (mech) that I am still unfamiliar with. I've got a few ideas on tweaking my list, but I'd like a few more games in with it against some other opponents/missions before I go too crazy with changes. I misused some units, so I can't justify getting rid of them until I learn how to better use my new list. I thoroughly enjoyed the game because even though Partho was the clear winner in the end, it wasn't clear until the VERY end of the game. As always, never give up, remember your objectives, and keep playing.

Monday, May 18, 2009


Not what you might expect. The first "D" pertains to Derecho. That is the official meteorological name for "really fast straight line winds that tear all sorts of shit up". That's what hit the Southern Illinois area recently. Power was restored to most on Wednesday/Thursday. This storm brought out its share of douche-nozzles (dudes with poster board signs on their trucks charging old ladies $900 to remove a single limb from her yard), but for the most part people were agreeable. Ameren did a kick ass job getting power back on considering the conditions they had to work with and the severity of the damage. Internet is still down...looking at you mediacom.

The second "D" should stand for "Don't forget you notebook when you come up with a clever idea for a blog post so you can remember what you're going to write about." I had a second D planned, I promise. It was clever too, you should have seen it.

On unrelated notes, Aerion has been looking at how the grown-ups run their 40k events, and he (and warlock) like what they see. We'll probably be taking what we like from their systems to create our own. We'll probably try and make an easy one page summary for comments/criticisms. Also, due to kick-ass models and idtiots on FEE-bay selling forgeworld stuff for what amounts to a 20% discount on the already bargain basement USD/GBP exchange rate, I have acquired some Death Korps of Krieg models. I will, most likely, be selling off my extensive Cadian style Imperial Guard infantry at some point and I am certainly putting an indefinate hold on "Operation Space Marine". Because of that, I have some (3) space marine commander boxes, (1) space marine command squad box, (3) space marine drop pod boxes, (4) boxes of space marine assault terminators, (1) unassembled set of five regular terminators, (3) squads of Black Reach Marines, & (2) Black Reach Dreadnoughts that I need to unload along with the bits for a crap-ton (20+) of assault troops that I need to unload. I also have an impressive bits collection in general for space marines, so spread the word. And as a general reminder to all, I have $300 worth of Tau that needs to get gone. Daddy is looking to unload power armor and the Cadian "can do" attitude for rebreathers, mechanized trench warfare, & a grim willingness to die in the Emperor's service that only the cloned fatalists of Krieg can provide. What Korps? Death Korps!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Call yer moms you worthless wanks!

Its Mother's Day. You know what to do.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Filthy Xenos Heretic wind!

Hopefully by now everyone has gotten word that the Rogue Trader is cancelled due to a warp storm that attacked our corner of Terra. Thankfully noone was hurt (in our little circle, though I did hear that 2 people were killed).

So we'll just have to enjoy beating each others brains in at SEHQ (hey, is that a hip new way to say "Sex"? No, guess it's more like "Seckwa" or something French sounding.)

Anyway, see some of you in the morning.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rogue Trader prep

Since our esteemed leader is in the wicked throes of semester end, I'll make an effort to generate some lively discussion.

A goodly number of us are gearing up for the Rogue Trader in Carbondale this weekend. So far I have the following peeps on my radar:

Me- Black Templars
Chad- Imp Guard
Dave H.- Orks
Partho- Orks
Kelly- SoB
Dave B.- Imp Guard
Seth- Eldar (i.e. Best Army winner)

So, did I forget anyone? Did I get all the armies right? What are your hopes and dreams regarding this tourney? For myself, I hope to finally put a completed army on the table and make a good showing while having a great time with my friends.