Thursday, September 24, 2009

Blog Down! Blog Down!

Anyone with an ounce of "blogger-sense" know why the frick my right hand column is way the hell down at the bottom of my page? I hate being ignorant.

I'm not dead yet!

I must say that rumors of my passing have been greatly exaggerated. I have, however, been a tad busy (getting married, too much work during the day for too little pay, tough-ass semester in grad school, abject know how it is) lately. I do have some gaming announcements though, so pay attention. :)
Brewfest 2009: It's at Buckner's Brewery in Cape Girardeau Missouri (October 9 -11), and I must say that its one of the best convention experiences I've ever had the pleasure to experience. There's a variety of games, its not too large, its not too small, the venue serves great food (and booze, its at a brewery...hey-oh!). While we usually have a tournament (RTT or team tourney) and a big-ass Apocalypse event, I won't be partaking of the 40k events this year. I still have my IG army, although not tweaked for 5th edition yet, and my Salamanders are in their infancy; I just don't "feel it" at the moment.
Pathfinder RPG: I dabbled with 4th edition D&D, and while its an interesting game, its just not to my tastes. Pathfinder, however, fits me very well. I'll be playing Pathfinder's organized play events for most of the Con and a few slots of some homebrew. Not much time for gaming with school now, but the fellas have a Pathfinder home game I'd like to get in, but alas...
Pre-Heresy Awesomeness: While wandering the Internet while "working on homework" one evening, I happened upon an awesome blog that detailed pre-heresy World Eaters. Try a search for "Eater of Worlds" if you're interested...or you can wait for my lazy ass to upload the link to the TSE blog page. Anyway, its always been a dream of mine to be able to pull of the whole "Yeah, I can paint white and not make it look like crap" attitude so I would love to get to work on some of those guys at some point. That and having an army that could double as a CSM, SM, BT, & BA army would be a godsend. That might take care of SOME of my army ADD and the Mrs. would enjoy only having to look at one army in the house.
Hell, I don't have time to finish my IG or start my Salamanders (even with the sweet conversions I commissioned for my MotF & Vulkan models) let alone get a mini-project of Pre-Heresy World Eaters going. :) In a perfect world, I'd get the IG and Salamanders done and sold off on feEbay and then I could get some World Eater action going...I like the newer models though, so some purists might look down on me.
later all,
EDIT: Looks like Brewfest occurs during Homecoming weekend for Southeast Missouri State University. That means parades, traffic horrors, & drunk co-eds. Two out of those three will ruin your day, while the other could haunt you for a long time. :) Plan accordingly in all cases.