Monday, November 29, 2010

Blog Banner Art Contest over at Dark Future Games

How bad has my final semester of grad school taken me out of the loop?  One - I didn't know that the fellas over at Dark Future Games were having a Banner Contest for their blog.  Two - I didn't know that Aerion, my brother from another mother, submitted an entry to their contest!  What?!?  I don't know about you folks, but I find that very cool.  There is no voting, since the contributors and friends of DFG will choose the winner, but please go on over to Dark Future Games and look over all the excellent submissions.  They have their work cut out for them!

Yes, I have asked Aerion why he submitted an entry to another blog's contest before designing one for our own (heck, I didn't even know he could do of many talents I tell you...) and he assured me that is something within the realm of possibility.  I think it will be tough to design a banner for TSE since we have the white background.  I'm a huge fan of the white since I find some other blogs a little difficult to read at times, so we'll just have to see what he can come up with!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ol'Seth's Traitor Guard Baneblade

Ol'Seth is one heck of a painter.  Mrs. Ol'Seth is no slouch herself.  Together they have produced some of the most beautiful pieces on display when Team Snake Eyes goes to war.  This tank has a bit of "flair" to it that lacks some of the gritty feel of the 41st millennium's battles, but the allure of Slaanesh isn't normal either is it?  :)

Genoside's Chaos Warband

Genoside owns enough 40k (and fantasy too if you're into that sort of thing) models to make a grown man cry.  Because of that not too much of his stuff gets painted.  He has a soft spot in his corrupted heart, however, for his Nurgle/Khorne - themed Chaos Space Marine Army.  Here are a few select shots of that force.

Guyver Blue's Ultramarines

Guyver Blue is a great guy who only rarely gets to throw down his Ultramarines when Team Snake Eyes gets together.  He typicallys shows up for one of our two Apocalypse games we host a year or the odd tournament that he doesn't have to work.