Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mental Expansion: An ode to odd tourney rules.

On August 28 the Team will (mostly) be participating in a Rogue Trader in Carbondale, IL. Normally this would not be blog-worthy, but the tournament rules set us back on our collective heels and I thought I'd share my ponderings on the situation at hand.

The abnormal rules are as follows (edited and cleaned up for spelling and grammar):

'Old school' force comp is what the RT turnies used ten years ago. It stated that you had a minimum of 40% troops so at 1750 points you need to spend at least 700 points on selections from the troops section. That includes any transports and upgrades. You cannot spend any more than 25% on HQ, Elite, Fast Attack, OR Heavy support, so you can spend up to 437 in any one of those catigories.
Now, at first reading I was like "Huh?" Then I re-read and re-re-read and finally it clicked. At this point a couple team members opted out due to not having enough models or just plain not wanting to deal with it. And that's fine. I refuse to play Champions for the same reason.

I was about to join them until it hit me that a) I'd be passing up a chance to hang with my bros, b) I'd miss out on much needed play experience before Adepticon MkII, and c) I might just learn something. So I reluctantly stepped outside my little box and started banging away at an army list.

Submitted for your edification, it is thus:

HQ: Marshall with Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield, Crusader Seals

Elite: Sword Brethren Assault Termies- 3 Lightning claws, 2 TH/SH Furious Charge
Heavy: Land Raider Crusader- Extra Armor

Elite: Emperor's Champion w/ Accept Any Challenge

Troops: Crusader Squad- Bolt Pistol/CCW x8, Flamer, Pistol and Power Fist
Neophytes- Bolt Pistol/CCW x9

Troops: Crusader Squad- Bolt Pistol/CCW x8, Meltagun, Pistol and Power Fist

Troops: Crusader Squad- Bolter x3, Plasmagun, Plasma Cannon

Troops: Crusader Squad- Bolter x7, Meltagun, Pistol and Power Fist, Frag Grenades
Transport- Drop Pod
Fast Attack: Land Speeder- Assault Cannon and Heavy Bolter

Heavy Support- Vindicator- Dozer Blade, Extra Armor

Total: 1750

Elites: 12.3%
Fast: 4.6%
Heavy: 22.9%
HQ: 8.3%
Troops: 44 %

It works and it might actually work on the table. Guess we'll know in a few weeks.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Intimidated by a Slip of a Girl.

This is Marike Reimer. You can find her website here, and I urge you to check her out (her work, guys!)

She will be one of my teachers at this years GenCon Indy. For the second year in a row I am forgoing playing anything (I know, it's a game con) in favor of shelling out moderate amounts of cash in an effort to improve my painting skills. With the help of Marike and Zach Lanier (who I took a course with last year and who had at that time earned 14 Golden Demons, with 11 being Gold or Silver. I actually got to hold his Commissar Yarrick. I'll wait for the childish titters to cease before I continue.), and others of their ilk I hope to raise myself up from local acclaim to maybe regionally acknowledged. Eventually I'd even like to teach these classes myself. I'd also like to be served bloody Prime Rib by my Victoria's Secret harem girls. I believe in dreaming big.

But here's my big dilemma. Marike won some pretty big trophies in the P3 Masterclass competition in 2008, and in her interview in No Quarter Magazine (yes, she has been INTERVIEWED by a gaming mag that I read.), she proclaimed that she'd been painting for (wait for it).... SIX YEARS.

Tomorrow I turn 42. I started painting in junior high. That means I have been painting minis longer than she has been alive (or pretty darned close). Yet while I'm good, I'm not even within shouting-with-a-bullhorn distance of her skills. So yeah, I'm a little intimidated. Okay, I'm a lot intimidated.

But I'm not scared. If anything this churning in my guts is making me want to chain myself to that table until she takes one of MY classes (while my lovely lingerie models rub my shoulders and bring me dewy tall glasses of lemonade freshly squeezed from between their all-natural bosoms of ampleness +5. Again, I dream big. Sue me.)

So next Wednesday I'll load up a couple of works-in-progress and hit the highway to Indy. It could be the most important and meaningful trip of my life. Or it could be another 4 days of the best non-gaming in the mid-west. Whatever happens, I'm gonna stare that pretty little gal in the eye and freehand my ass off.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Adepticon 2011 - The Evolution of an Army List

As can be read here, Team Snake Eyes had a great time at Adepticon 2010, but didn't score so well in the area of battle points. While we placed abysmally low (90 out of 110) we considered the event a success. This wasn't some brand of "half-full" optimism that we used to uplift our crushed spirits, but we genuinely learned a lot, met some great guys, and saw some wonderful armies. I also got an ok bloody mary and some fantastic prime rib...

Here are the lists we took last time:

2010 List #1
2x Tac Sqd w/ MM, Flamer & Rhino
(5) man Tac Sqd w/ TL Lascannon Razorback
Dreadnought w/ MM & HF
Vindicator with Dozer Blade

2010 List #2
MoTF w/ Conversion Beamer
2x Tac Sqd with Combi-Melta, MM, Flamer, & Rhino w/ HK Missile
(5) Sniper Scouts
Dreadnought w/ MM & HF
2x Landspeeder w/ MM & HF

2010 List #3
Chaplain in Terminator Armor
2x Tac Sqd w/ MM, Flamer & Rhino
(5) Assault Terminators w/TH & SS
Land Raider Crusader w/ MM

2010 List #4
Librarian w/ Null Zone & Gate of Infinity
2x Tac Sqd with Lascannon, Flamer, Combi-Melta, & Rhino
(5) man Tac Sqd w/ Melta Bomb & TL Lascannon Razorback
Dreadnought w/ MM & HF
Thunderfire Cannon
Predator Destructor

Nothing too fancy there. We took advantage of Vulkan where we could and got the added benefit of sticking with the Salamander's fondness of flame and melta based weaponry at the same time. Our biggest drawbacks were with our playing and not our lists, and we did suffer from a lack of focus. We noticed we didn't have quite enough long range anti-tank as we would have liked, but that was primarily because we played like little sissies and didn't get up in our opponent's faces (you'd think that tactic would have been obvious with over 80% of our army equipped with short/mid range weapons). I decided since I didn't want to completely reinvent the wheel and Mrs. Chosen 1 wasn't about to let me drop the money I did last year either, we would keep the same theme but change things around a little bit...

2011 Draft #1, List #1
(5) man Tac Sqd w/combi-melta, PF, & TL Lascannon Razorback
Tac Sqd w/PF, MM, Flamer, & rhino
x2 Landspeeders w/MM & HF
Vindicator w/Siege Shield

2011 Draft #1, List #2
(same as list #3 above)

2011 Draft #1, List #3
Captain w/artificer armor, SS, & Relic Blade
2x Tac Sqd w/PF, MM, Flamer, & Rhino w/HK
Ironclad Dreadnought w/ HF, Seismic Hammer, & Assault Launchers
(9) man Assault Squad w/Flamer, PF, & Rhino

2011 Draft #1, List #4
2x Tac Sqd w/PF, Lascannon, Flamer, & Rhino
(9) man Assault Squad w/PF, Flamer, & Rhino
Dreadnought w/MM & HF
Vindicator w/siege shield

I wasn't totally happy with those changes, and the points totals weren't perfect, but after discussing things with Aerion and letting things sink in for a bit, we decided to make some further changes:

2011 Draft #2, List #1
Vulkan He'Stan
Dreadnought w/MM & HF
Tac Sqd w/Flamer, MM, Combi-Melta, PF, & Rhino
2x Landspeeders w/HF & MM
(8) Man Assault Squad w/Flamer, PF, & Rhino

2011 Draft #2, List #2
Captain w/ Relic Blade, SS, & Artificer Armor
Command Squad w/Champion, (2) Flamers, Standard, TH, & Rhino
2x Tac Sqd w/Flamer, MM, PF, & Rhino
Ironclad Dreadnought w/HF, Seismic Hammer, & Assault Launchers

2011 Draft #2, List #3
(Same as 2010 list #3)

2011 Draft #2, List #4
Dreadnought w/MM & HF
(6) man Sternguard or Vanguard squad (still working out our preference)
2x Tac Sqd w/Flamer, MM, PF, & Rhino
Vindicator w/Siege Shield

These changes increase our close combat ability that was lacking last time, provide a squad for our characters to fight with (and fight this time they will...they weren't used very effectively last time around), remove most of our ability to fight past 24" (what little we had never made a difference) and focus our purpose...Into the Fires of Battle, Unto the Anvil of War. It also represents a smaller investment in new models than some of our other options. We will, however, be undertaking some work on what we have as well. Stay tuned for our painting "upgrades" to what may be familiar models.

Any Thoughts?

Monday, July 26, 2010

A "brief" Review of Super Hero RPGs

It's Alive! Oh what a terrible creation I have wrought. I started this blog because...well, to be honest, I have no earthly idea why I did it, but not only have I brought the world of amateur blogging to my living room, I have conscripted Aerion (looking for a couple painting tutorials bro...) and now Genoside into the fold. Inspired by a not-so-obscure comic convention, he brings us some of his thoughts on various roleplaying games in the super hero genre:

I'm back, this time to talk a little off subject about roleplaying games. Most members of Team Snake Eyes sneak in a few games of Pathfinder when they can. It's basically what was left of the previous edition of Dungeons & Dragons. It's a great fantasy game but with the west coast Comic Con last weekend still buzzing in my head, I am here to talk about another genre of RPGs...super hero games. I am hoping in the near future to run a super hero type game for my fellow members, but having so many systems out there it can cause a lot of trouble picking one out.

First off super hero games can be a very daunting challenge for the Game Master, due to the scale of the heroes. You have to watch very carefully about allowing players the ability to drop buildings on giant robots or perhaps turning a bank robber's brain into goo with a single though. If you don't give them any power, however, the game is no fun for them. Most players do want to throw cars around and drop buildings on their enemies so a balance has to be found.

The most helpful choice is getting a game system that works for you. There is a ton of them out there for you to use, but finding one that doesn't have you digging in the books every five minutes is key. Second, you need to have an idea what universe you want to play in. Most systems are made for the major comic producers; this can be beneficial and hurtful to you at the same time. Villains are already made for you so it reduces the prep work. It also allows your players to interact in a world they read about in their comics. The downside of this si that players sometimes know more about the universe than they should. Example: Dr. Mega Villain can only be hurt by prune juice and it so happens that one of the hero's powers is the make juice of any type.

With that said, we come to our first system: Hero/Champions by Hero Games. This is the grand daddy of all super hero games. It's now going into its sixth edition and the system is very detailed and gives you about any option known in any game. But that is where its biggest trouble is. This game scares most new players due to the sheer volume of rules. Making a hero can take hours and with the million options available, most people will want to see each one so they don't miss anything. This game also has no major comic support, so there is no Spider Man or others in this game unless you make it yourself or find a home brew version online somewhere. There are a lot of non comic pre-made heroes in their source books but if you are on a limited budget it means you are the one having to build about everything the heroes encounter.. It i a good game for people that are used to the system, but newbies should be warned.

Next up is classic Marvel Heroes. This is one of the first hero games that I played. It has little standees, maps, and books of pre-made heroes and villains. The rules are made for rock-em, sock-em style games. It has very nice, basic rules that are very easy to learn, but now that the game is over twenty five years old, you can really feel the age in the system. It almost feels like an advanced game of Hero-Clix. If you want to give it a read, most of the books can be found online in PDF format.

Talking of Hero-Clix, this is really not a RPG, but I love to use the figures and maps for my hero type games. You can find online stores that sell singles very cheap, plus they produce Marvel and DC figures. With the cheap figs you can convert and make any hero or villain you want allowing you to run a game in whatever universe you want.

Back to classic games, next up is the MEG system. It can be found in the previous version of DC heroes by Mayfair games and the Blood of Heroes. It is a good, solid game with simple basic rules, but since it is out of print it can be difficult to find. That makes it harder for your players to pick up their own personal copy of the game supplements and almost impossible without dropping a bunch of money on eBay.

Then we have Heroes Unlimited. Players familiar with any of the Palladium systems will pick this up with ease. The biggest problem I see with this system is play can tend to be clunk due to its age. Also you can have players that may want to pull their RIFTS heroes over and destroy half the world. The Mega Arms Race is off and running.

Last we have Mutants and Masterminds. Now going into its 3rd edition, it is based off the OGL (open game license) rules. It uses a basic system as 3rd edition D&D and Pathfinder. I have not had a chance to see the new unreleased rules set, but this is the system I am leaning towards. Green Ronin now has the rights to DC heroes and is also planning to release a generic rule book to go with it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for an Ultimate Powers book real soon. My only real complaint of the previous editions was the damage system. It seemed a little odd and hard to explain to new players.

So there are my thoughts. Please feel free to give any suggestions of game I may want to look at.

Editor's note: Genoside sent the picture with the article submission. I couldn't resist taking a jab with the title.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Battle Report: Salamanders vs. Necrons @ 1850

Had another Thursday night game at Fantasy Games tonight. I played Matt, a Necron player. We rolled for a Capture and Conrol mission with Spearhead deployment. Matt, who was a fantastic player and an even better sport considering some of the horrific rolling he had this evening, won the roll to go first and picked his table quarter and I failed to win the initiative. Our objective placement wasn't all that exciting with each of us placing it in the corner about 12" in. I used my standard 1850 list discussed here, keeping both of my tactical squads in reserve.

Matt's list consisted of (2) 20 Necron Warrior squads, a Monolith, some Heavy Destroyers, Flayed Ones, Scarab Swarms, and a lord on foot with the requisite Res. Orb.

Matt's first turn wasn't very productive. He moved everthing forward as fast as it would go and he managed to stun a dreadnought. I moved my Land Raider forward and unloaded my terminators - who were able to make their 6" difficult terrain roll and assault through cover, destroying the scarabs. That was the story of the night. I made more rolls than I had a right to, and poor Matt managed to capture the low end of the bell curve all night long. Between my Assault Terminators (backed up with Vulkan & a Chaplain), my Vindicator, and the Predator twins, the necrons were phased at the bottom of turn five. I had my objective & contested his for the win.

I had another terrific opponent, played a brilliantly painted army on a table filled with superb terrain. A great game at, what is turning out to be, a great store for me. Special thanks go out to Chambers who has served as resident rules guru for both of my matches.

Monday, July 19, 2010

New man-hole & future projects

Here's my new workspace. I've got a bit more area than my previous place, but the lighting's not the best. I've bought a few new lamps tough, so we'll see how it works out.

The move gave me the opportunity to dig out my Imperial Guard army as well. This army was built (back when I didn't care about mold lines apparently) with the old codex, and they were primarily drop troopers. As such, they're now pretty worthless. I just don't have the money or time to give them the vehicle options the new codex offers. I can't get rid of them just yet though. They were a labor of love even if my modeling and painting techniques leave a bit to be desired. You see the cool commander and vehicle models? Aerion painted those. By now you should see a trend. I can do bulk work on troops, and while Aerion says I am improving, the more complex techniques are still beyond my reach in my mind. I hope you enjoy the Something something something something guard (I never gave them a Regimental home). I hope to devote some more work on them in the future. ;)

Speaking of practicing some more advanced painting techniques...Team Snake Eyes is gearing up for Adepticon 2011 in April. We need to work up our lists and develop a strategy for fine tuning the paint jobs we skimped on during last year's work up. Work continues...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Genoside throws down some Warhammer Fantasy

Genoside is a quiet, but key member of the team. One of his many qualities is that he is the only member that plays Warhammer Fantasy. Go figure right? Most of us get our fantasy fix from D&D (Pathfinder now actually) and our Sci Fi fix from 40k. Despite Genoside's best efforts, neither our wives or our limited paychecks will allow us to get into that game full time. In the spirit of full disclosure, however, I must say the Genoside has offered us all the use of one of his many armies. Anyway, here's Genoside:

Hello - Genoside here and I am kind of the ghost player of the group...always buried with work and if I get free time it is usually spend with the wife. After receiving the new 8th edition of Warhammer, however, I forced myself to get a game of it the other night. This is a great start for the new edition since I only played a handful of games of the previous edition. My opponent was a new guy to our group that happens to be a local dentist.

Battle set up was standard mission with no special terrain rules. In the new rules there is all types of terrain rules that effect the game such as rivers becoming blood rivers and that alone can completely change the game. We were going to have enough trouble stumbling through the rules, we didn't need anymore stuff to remember.

For the 2000 point battle I was taking my standard Empire army. Luckily for me having played since 3rd edition I have learned not to build an army around the cheese of the month items because they tend to go away quickly. I went with my stock build that I have used since 5th edition.

My opponent for this game took Dark Elves. This really troubled me because in the new rules close combat order is determined by initiative rating and the Dark Elves have a rather high one. As planned, the game started slowly having not to confuse rules from previous editions and ended early due to the fact that we are old men now and can't stay up late anymore. Anyway, I'm not going to bore anyone with the battle report since most members of Team Snake Eyes refuse to play Warhammer; I will only list the Pros and Cons of my first game.

EDIT: Check out the comments for Genoside's stock Empire list

Magic was a big shocker. It was quite deadly either do very well with it or nothing at all. No real in between. So mages now are a big gamble in my eyes. Random Charge: My heavy knights were only like 12" away from his heavy knight unit and with the new rules of charging, you roll a number of D6's and add your movement. Mine was 3d6 (pick the two highest) plus my movement of seven. In true Team Snake Eyes fashion I rolled two ones and a two for a total of three which left me two inches short of finishing the charge. Next turn he was nice enough to roll right in and charge me with his higher initiative.

The rules seem a lot cleaner. Bolt weapons still need line of sight but stone thrower type weapons (artillery) can now shoot indirectly, following rules close to the current ones in 40k. I couldn't hit anything to save my life, but I really liked this rule. Support Attacks. Now, not only does your front rank attack the second rank gets to attack also. Plus, with the new horde rule (units that are 10 wide) a third rank can attack. This makes combat a lot nastier and seems to speed up the game a lot. One thing I know I need to get more games in, so I am not so rusty and make simple novice mistakes.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The drought is over!

Well, the wife and I have moved into our new apartment in Fairview Heights. It's had it's ups and downs as I'm sure anyone who's ever moved can attest. I loath moving and all that it entails. It was easy when I was in the Corps...if it didn't fit into my sea bag, I didn't own it. Now, however, I've a large baggage train (wife), a nine year old daughter, and a 40k hobby. None of those things keep me connected to my former life as a gypsy bachelor, but I think I'm better off in the long run. ;)

Speaking of 40k, I lost my Internet during the move and that has (obviously) been restored. Access to my 40k and Pathfinder content via the web has been restored, and it has done wonders for my grouchiness. I also managed to get in a game of 40k tonight at my new FLGS: Fantasy Games in O'Fallon, Il. This will be the worst battle report from me to date as I forgot my camera, but I'll do my best.

First off, I played a great guy, Tom, who fielded a fun yet effective Chaos Space Marine list. From memory his list was: vanilla lord with a chosen squad with a mix of plasma, melta, and flamers as their special weapons all riding in a land raider. There was a 10 man squad of marines on foot with a lascannon, a mounted plague marine squad, a mounted squad of thousand sons, a 5 man lesser daemon squad, a triple lascannon predator, and a plasma cannon dreadnought. There were meltas, fists, and plasma pistols sprinkled here and there throughout his list. My current 1850 list can be found here. It's been a while since I've played a chaos list without Abaddon or a Daemon Prince (and I've never played against Thousand Sons) so that was something new.

We played annihilation and dawn of war. I won the roll for side and neither of us deployed anything having all of our forces roll on at the start of turn one. We completely forgot about nightfighting which might have dramatically changed how the game was played, but I can't remember a single dawn of war game where I have remembered that rule, so I have only myself to blame (again).

Our deployments weren't at all fancy: we set up in a line in the middle of our deployment zones. I moved forward as far as I could while he held back fairly close to his table edge. Turn one saw him blast my landraider and a dreadnought right off the bat and I was working uphill from there. Remembering nighfighting might have kept them alive that turn, but that stuff happens.

I think I can say that neither one of us were too focused on kill points until the end game, and it was a slug fest till the end of turn 6. Without pictures, I won't get into too much detail but I managed to hold off his advances early on and had a very productive 5th turn. At the end of the game we calculated that it was a 7 - 7 draw, but Tom neglected to count his unit of lesser daemons and declared me the winner 8 - 7. I was previously happy with a draw since the game was so close, so a win was awesome.

The guys from the store seemed very cool, and my game with Tom was amazingly awesome with storybook moments of H.Q. dramatically battling H.Q., and sole survivors hanging on against the odds. In a way I'm almost ok with not having my camera because I got a chance to just B.S. with the guys and enjoy the game without having to worry about getting "a good shot for my blog". I also met up with Chambers from The Back 40k fame, and it looks like Tom may be spearheading an effort for us to get together and play a bit of Apocalypse in the near future. Perhaps I might get some use out of my Imperial Guard? You all have seen a lot of my Salamanders, but nothing of my guard as of yet.

All in all, it was a fantastic night, and I look forward to getting in some more games with the locals (in which group I am now included I suppose). Just remember: No matter how close to St. Louis, Mo. I live, I will always be a Cubs, Bears, & Blackhawks fan. :)

Upcoming area 40K events

40K Tourney
Where: St. Charles Fantasy Shop
When: Saturday July 31st at 11:00
Points needed: 1500 Points ***Plus a 200 point unit that take up one slot on the force org chart*** So a total of 1700 points
Cost: $10 (Fantasy Shop will provide additional prize support)

This single 200 point unit will be used in each game for bonus points and mission specific tasks.

Sign up starts at 11:00
We will be judging painting from 11:15 to 11:45
First Round will start at 12:00 ***Each ROund will last 2 hours with one break after Game 1


1st, 2nd, and 3rd
Favorite Oppenent (ties broken using total points earned)
Favorite Painted Army (voted on by all contestants, tie is broken by me)

Siegeworld 2010

On August 14th, 2010 Siegeworld Productions presents SIEGEWORLD 2010, a Warhammer 40K Apocalypse game on a mega scale! Come and be a part of a world record attempt as we attempt to hold the largest point value for WH40K Apocalypse Game EVER!

Field your entire collection (every race no matter how many points). Field custom models, unique conversions, home built titans and war machines, as well as custom apocalypse formations. All armies, races and sizes, are welcome. Smaller armies will be facing off against similar sized foes and will have objectives suited for the size of their force. Likewise, larger forces will square off against larger foes with multiple objectives suited for a larger occupying force.

Visit; follow the forum as more details develop and visit the photo gallery for pics of past events. If you have any questions or concerns please post here or on or PM me.

Be there on August 14th or miss being a part of Warhammer 40K history!

Big Kahuna

Edit: Also on July 31st there is a tournament at Fantasy Games in O'Fallon Il. It's an 1850 tournament, but I don't know any more details. They can, however, be contacted at (618)632-3026 or

Friday, July 9, 2010

Because Chosen1 is a whiney (bleeep!)

In Hoc Signo Vinces

Today the Howard Crusade christens a new vehicle to wreak exploding wrath upon the enemies of mankind. Whether those explosions are delivered via a huge shell or by the tank itself blowing up remains to be seen, but considering the track record of the Crusade's mechanized assets I know where my money's going.

This is the list I'm taking. It's a beefed-up version of the list that performed well at DieCon and I'm hoping the addition of a Chaplain and a Vindicator will get things swinging to the side of the Sons of Dorn.

HQ: Marshal Gundaker in Terminator armor w/ TT&SS.

Elite: Sword Brethren Terminator Assault Squad- Lightning Claws x3, TT/SS x2
Transport: Land Raider Crusader w/ Extra Armor

Emperor's Champion w/ Accept Any Challenge No Matter the Odds

Troops: Crusade Squad Bolt Pistol/CCW x8, Melta Gun, Bold Pistol/Power Fist
Neophytes x10 w/ Bolt Pistol & CCW

Troops: Crusader Squad Bolter x5, Plasma Cannon

Troops: Crusader Squad Bolter x5, Plasma Gun, Heavy Bolter

Troops: Crusader Squad Bolt Pistol/CCW x8, Flamer, Bolt Pistol & Power Fist

Fast Attack: Land Speeder w/ Heavy Bolter & Assault Cannon

HQ: Reclusiarch w/ Jump Pack, Artificer Armor, and Melta Bombs.

Fast Attack: Assault Squad Bolt Pistol/CCW x3, Flamer x2, Bolt Pistol & Power Fist.

Heavy Support: Vindicator w/ Smoke Launchers, Dozer Blade, Extra Armor.

This is the first list in a very long time that has included at least one of every force org choice and I'm hoping that means it's well-rounded. As this will be the second tourney for this type of list I'll see how the performance compares to Diecon and see if this, finally, is THE list.

Chaplain Aerion signing off from the Battlebarge Shield of Pending Redemption.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Army Showcase - Ol' Seth's Biel Tan Eldar Host

Something I've wanted to do for a while is show you folks what some of the other members of Team Snake Eyes bring to the table. I finally got some pictures of my good buddy Ol' Seth's Biel Tan eldar. These are so good that I just had to post them before my internet gets disconnected due to my move (headed from Carbondale, IL to Fairview Heights, IL). In the interests of full disclosure, Ol' Seth wanted me to say that he painted everything but Baharroth and the swooping hawks (painted by Mrs. Ol' Seth) and the Super Heavy Tank, wave serpents and vipers (painted by Rachel of Iron Halo painting). I'd love to tell you which is what on these pics, but I know crap-all about eldar (or any army other than I.G. or Codex Space Marines). I've asked for close up pictures of specific units and characters, so hopefully those will be forthcoming. This is a gorgeous army, and it is always a pleasure to play against it. Enjoy