Sunday, May 23, 2010

Team Snake Eyes Tournafeast Battle Reports

As mentioned here, the Despoiler hosted a game day picnic this weekend and myself, Genoside, Aerion, Ol Seth, & Warlock were in attendance. I got in three games: game 1 vs. Aerion's Black Templars, game 2 vs. Genoside's Tyranids, and finally game 3 vs. the Despoiler's Chaos Space Marines. The lads were preparing for DieCon's 1850 tournament, so that's the army size they wanted to play. I had a stock list for that point level (I keep a 1000, 1500, 1750, 1850, 2000, 2250, & 2500 point list handy in my Pack 1520 just in case...) and here is what that entailed:

130 Terminator Chaplain w/Melta Bombs
190 Vulkan
460 (5) TH/SS Terminators w/Land Raider Crusdader & Multi-Melta
410 (2) Tactical Squads with Flamer, Multi-Melta, & Rhino
230 (2) Dreadnoughts with Heavy Flamers & Multi-Meltas
140 (2) Land Speeders with Heavy Flamers & Multi-Meltas (individual units)
120 Vindicator
170 (2) Predators with Autocannons and Heavy Bolter Sponsons

Game 1 was an Annihilation mission with Pitched Battle deployment. Aerion won the roll to go first, but made me deploy. I set up everything, and he kept everything in reserve. Aerion's list can be found here. I moved everything up to midfield on my first two turns and waited for him to come on the board. He got about half his units on the first turn with most of the remainder on the second. His assault squad was his last unit to arrive on turn 3.

I stopped taking pictures by turn three. Things were going badly for Aerion since I had only to wait for his units to arrive on the table edge with ~24" between us and I shot him to pieces. This was a new list for Aerion, and not in a "Oh I'm not used to playing at this points level" sort of way. It was a dramatic departure from some of his other lists, and he wasn't used to playing it. It lacked the anti tank necessary to crack a mechanized list like mine, and his choice of deployment gave me the upper hand from the start and he just couldn't get anything going.

Game 2 was against Genoside's Tyranids. Genoside and I have joked that while we've known each other for years we've never really played a game together outside of Apocalypse. Added to that, if there's anything I know less about than the new Space Wolves, it's the new Tyranids. Going off of memory, he had 4 squads of Genestealers, 2 Zoanthropes, some kind of Hive Tyrant with 2 bodyguards, 2 assault oriented Carnifexes, a lictor, a Mawlock, and a Tyrgon Prime (sp?). Whatever the heck it was, it had an assault 12 electric attack!

Genoside kept the two big bugs in reserve along with his lictor. The two big bugs came in immediately, but the lictor hadn't arrived by turn four when Genoside conceeded the game because it was clear he had lost at that point and he needed to leave the party. I lost the roll to go first, but Genoside made me do it anyway. :-) Because I didn't know where the Genestealers were coming from or where those big bugs were going to go, I set up in the middle.

Genoside deployed and walked/ran everything but his deepstrikers from his 12" line. That gave me no other targets to worry about immediately when his Mawlock and buddy arrived, one on each side of my army. I fired every Mult-Melta in my army at those two creatures and killed them both in 2 turns. My other guns targeted two of the Genestealer squads (the other 2 were so far away from me that I never had to worry about them). With the big guys gone, I focused on the carnifexes. I killed one with shooting, and Vulkan took the other one out in assault.

He had a wounded Tyrant with two body guards and two Zoanthropes + 2 stealer squads (who were horribly out of position) when he conceeded. It was a good game, but Genoside doesn't get to play much, and needs a bit more practice with his beloved bugs (It's creepy really, how much this guy likes his Tyranids). The Tyranid book is a strong one, and I'm intimidated by the big bugs and their potent psychic powers.

Game three was against the host, Marvin the Despoiler and his Chaos Space Marines. By this point in the evening, Marvin had sampled quite a bit of his Yucca and while I enjoyed the game against him, his decision making clearly wasn't that crisp. :-)

This was another Kill Point mission (three? seriously?) but I thankfully didn't have pitched battle deployment since we managed to roll spearhead for this one. The long and short of this game was that we both pushed towards the center of the board, I made an insane amount of saves against Abaddon and two Khorne Berserker squads (I should have been destroyed 3 times over in that assault) and then cut the heart out of his army with the return attacks from my Thunderhammers. The rest of his stuff got shot out from under him by my Multi-meltas. This game was a fluke in my mind. I should have been crushed in that assault, but instead the near-impossible happened. His army is tough and getting tougher.

We all enjoyed ourselves, and next time I'll be getting in a game against Ol' Seth and his Eldar hopefully.

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Genoside07 said...

Had a great time, Wanted to stay longer but the wife was ready to go after six hours. Need to play more games with the Nid army. Since that was the first day I used the new codex and the new big nasties.
We need to do the BBQ again some time.