Thursday, June 3, 2010

1850 Templars Rogue Trader (Die Con) The Redux

After the thorough sheelak...schelaqu...uh, prison raping my previous list suffered at the hands of the cowardly, 30 point rhino-dwelling Salamanders at the Team tournafeast (see Chosen1's previous blog) I realized I lacked enough beef to handle silly things like armor and things that carry big guns (like Predators and Land Raiders).

I really liked that list and against some opponents it can be effective (namely inexperienced players who refuse to evolve to 5th edition). So I took that list, shaved an Initiate, remembered to give my Sword Brethren Furious Charge instead of Infiltrate, and squeezed (squoze? Squidged?) in a couple more power fists.

Here, then, is the final (if it kills me and probably will) list for the Die Con Rogue Trader (ConCarne).

HQ: Marshal in Terminator Armor w/ Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield, Crusader Seals
Elite: Sword Brethren Termy Assault Squad Lightning Claws x3, Thunder Hammers & Storm Shields x2
Land Raider Crusader

HQ: Emperor's Champion w/ Accept Any Challenge, No matter the Odds

Troop: 10 Initiates (Bolt Pistol/ccw x 8, Power fist, Melta Gun)
10 Neophytes w/ bolt pistol/ccw

Elite: Sword Brethren (bolt pistol/ccw x3, bolt pistol/power weapon, lightning claws) Furious Charge

Troop: Initiates Bolter x4, plasma cannon

Troop: Initiates Bolter x7, Plasma Gun, Heavy Bolter

Troop: Initiates Bolt Pistol/ccw x 8, Flamer, Power Fist

Land Speeder w/ Assault Cannon & Heavy Bolter

Black Templars Assault Squad Bolt Pistol/ccw x3, Flamer x2, Power fist, Melta Bombs, Jump Packs


chosen1 said...

Dear God need to work on your picture selection. How on Earth is that picture going to make your average gamer say to themselves "Self, I want to read what THAT post is about!"

Deathwatch Conundrum said...

I thought it was a self portrait? Hmmm.....

chosen1 said...

Oh no. That's not our dear Chaplain Aerion. ;) Could you imagine playing a guy that looked like that though? "What do you mean I don't get a cover save? I bench press 500lbs little man! I get me a cover save!" Scary. Anyway, where would Aerion put his Templars on that bike?

chaplainaerion said...

Under the saddle pecs, shrimp.

chosen1 said...

I am, of course, disgusted by your callous disregard for our rather gentlemanly "no disgusting pictures of man-creatures with their shirts off" clause on our blog. And don't try to redeem yourself with a picture of a tart either. Being part of the FTW network means we have to be civil. ;)

chaplainaerion said...

How did I miss that clause? Do I need to consult my Legislatus?

chosen1 said...

The legislatus re-education and purification rituals currently. I am, of course, available for any consultations you may need.