Sunday, June 6, 2010

DieCon initial debriefing: I gots STUFF!

Battle reports to follow after I've slept.

In summary: Team Snake Eyes (3 members representing- Aerion, Ol Seth, and Marvin) each tallied a record of 2 and 1. Marvin brought home 2nd place overall ($50), Ol Seth earned Best Appearance ($60), and your's truly managed the Sportsmanship award ($60). Before the tourney we all agreed to play as a team and pool any winnings for a 3/way split. The idiot that came up with that idea obviously didn't think he had a shot at winning anything (points to Self) but the combination left each of us with $56 to spend at the sponsoring store (Adventure Games in Collinsville, IL). I replaced my Vindicator which was donated to the Salamander cause and added some cash to enlist a new Land Speeder for the Templars.

In the spirit of being unusually full of it today ("it" being crap-tons of WIN!) I also garnered the Best of Show and 2nd place in the Masters Open category for my Circle of Orboros battlegroup (Kromac beast form, Gnarlhorn Satyr, and Pureblood Warpwolf). In addition to a box of miniatures for a game I've never heard of (hey, they're bits, right?) I got actual engraved and hung on patriotic ribbons MEDALS! WOOT! FTW indeed!

Condensed version: The Team rocked the joint, made some new friends (and found a new gaming home for Chosen1 if he's interested), played some great games on some nice tournament quality tables, won some stuff, caught up with a few old friends from the STL area, made tons of sport of Ol Seth's "retired man" shirt and questionable sexual orientation (no details but trust me there were many tears shed and my abs feel like I've done marathon crunches from laughing so hard), and ended the day with a fabulous meal of Mexican (food, not people) and esprit de corps (I'm too tired to check spelling and I know our resident former Marine will take care of it).

Pics and batreps coming in the next few days. This is Chaplain Aerion signing off from the Battlebarge Shield of Suckage.


chosen1 said...

Way to go Team Snake Eyes! I can't say I'm surprised to see you and Ol'Seth earning prizes for painting. It looks like Marvin might have had a shot at 1st place overall if he didn't have those mental errors in his first game. I'm excited we were able to take home a best sportsmanship nod. Not that you I don't think you could have deserved it, but it's the most coveted prize in my mind. $60 for soft score prizes? Seriously? That's just amazing. The prize support for that con is fantastic. We'll have to pimp both the store and DieCon for next year. I recommend we use that O.G. pimp hustler you took a picture of to help us out. What army did he play? Looking at Google Maps that store is about 13 minutes away from where I'll be moving to. The store I was planning to play at is also about 13 minutes away. How crappy is that? Two awesome game stores mere minutes from my apartment? Bummer. ;-)

Again, great job guys.

Genoside07 said...

Congrats guys... I knew you had it in you. Wanted to go but If I actually play more than three games a year, you will think I know what I am doing. Maybe next year...

ShadowCrescents said...

Hello. This is Mike from DieCon and one of the appearance judges. I am so glad that you guys had fun, and woud like to thank you all from your neck of the woods for commenting about our tables being tournament quality. With that comment being spoken, it makes me want to do WWAAAAAAAAYY better for next year. In case you did NOT read the e-mail that I sent to those of you that provided an e-mail addy for me, we are a GO for a Grand Tournament for 2011. My co-conspiritors... uh, I mean, people that helped with making the RTT a success are planning something big and will be talking about a HUGE prize support. It MIGHT be a FW gift certificate or some really BIG store prize support. We have so many hings that we need to talk about, I will keep you guys informed of what is going on. We will also have MORE tables and different types of tables to play on. Five of the tables will completely unique from all the others and each other. We plan on having a Chaos table, an Ork table, an Eldar table, MAYBE a Necron table, and a Tyranid table. No special rules for these tables, but definately something to stare at. The two banners that were there this year will be back AND will have a third banner to accompany them.
Everyone is welcome to bring their own banner for their army to show support for yourself. One of the things we are looking at is having a small banner competition at this thing. We all hope you guys will attend next year and will tell all of your friends and force...... uh, encourage them to attend. Further details will be out very soon in the way of fliers to post in windows at your favorite gaming store(s). Adios.

chosen1 said...

Thanks for stopping by Mike, Larry has had lots of good things to say about your event, and we were all considering making room for it in 2011. That said, where is your game store at? I'm in Fairview Heights and I've been playing in O'Fallon, but I haven't been able to locate anything in your area (Collinsville right?). I'd like to stop by at some point and roll some dice with you guys, but I don't know where I'm going yet. :)

P.S. Sorry about the picture on the superhero blog post. It was submitted to me with the article, but this is my blog so I take responsibility as the Captain of the ship.

ShadowCrescents said...

No worries. You can call me at my home number sometime. If you would like to either e-mail me or join a FREE website for 40k'ers, is the one we use. The store we go to is Heroic Adventures in Edwardsville. The number to the store is 659-0099. They can give you the address and then you can google map it. I just know how to get there, not the actual address. Every Tuesday night is our night for the fight club. Drop us a line sometime on the fight club thing.