Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Actual Game Experience...the other white meat.

I’ve been planning & playing my Salamanders for about 7 months now, with some lists here, here, & here. What have I learned? I’ve learned I need more practice. What else? There are some units that I like, and some that I don’t. Guess what? The internets were wrong!!! If you are a 40k god whose mastery of the game is second only to your awesomeness as a player…stop reading now. If not, then please pay attention. Nothing you read on the internet about this game is definitive. Everything I’ve included in my lists has been promoted on one site or another but some units didn’t work out for me. Regardless of internet terms such as noob, meta-game, playstyle, etc., you just need to play the game to figure out both what you like to play, and what you find plays best for you.

What do I like? Vulkan, TH/SS Terminators, Land Raider Crusaders (as long as I’m not playing Tau…then they’re just a waste of points, Heavy Flamer/Multi-Melta Dreadnoughts & Speeders.

What am I on the fence about? Librarians, Chaplains, Vindicators (great if I hit, not so much when I don’t) & Thunderfire Cannons.

What do I not like? Sniper Scouts, Tactical Squads, & Auto Cannon/Heavy Bolter Predators.

Vulkan is obviously appropriate for my army even though some elitists think that he’s “training wheels for a Space Marine Army”. The Terminators and Land Raider are expensive, but they’re effective. I’m thinking about moving away from them though and seeing how my lists evolve without them. Dreads and Speeders are cheap and versatile so they’ll be tough for me to leave behind. Nothing I’ve seen from Librarians and Chaplains is worth losing the close combat ability either Vulkan or a Commander brings. The loss of initiative 5 on these two units is huge for me. I may try two vindicators to counter my uncanny ability to choke in a tight spot. The dakka pred has been a colossal disappointment for me, though it is nice and cheap. Finally we come to the bread and butter of a Space Marine army…the Tactical Squad.

I don’t hate them per se; I’m just really bad at using them. They’re in the low to mid 200’s in points, and I’ve constantly got them out of position or otherwise misusing them. I think if I crack the tactical squad riddle, then my game will evolve to a new level. For now, however, I’m stuck with being a Master of Mediocrity. ;)

Stay tuned for some list tweaking and blatant internet list stealing. I’m going to shake some things up and see how it works out for me.


chaplainaerion said...

-runs, grabs the new Vindicator kit I just bought, hugs it to my chest, and runs off to hide it deep in the forest.

Master Darksol said...

You gotta take everything you read on the internet with a grain of salt. I face that every time I do a unit review on my site. I always get a lot of flak when I mention how a unit might be useful that goes against so-and-so's "definitive" math-hammer results. LOL.

I totally get the Tactical Squad worries. For a long time, I had used them as Combat squads with one heavy baby-sit, and the other having the sergeant and special weapon ... because the internet said that was the best way. It never worked out. The best success I've actually had with them was with a straight 10-man all bolter squad.

chosen1 said...

:) Relax Aerion, I've already purchased my second Vindicator, additional Land Speeders, and Drop Pods. I will not need the assistance of your Forgeworld until it comes time to paint (and with help assembling the Pods).

@ Darksol: Thanks for stopping by. No special or heavy weapons? Wow, that's interesting. I get some good use out of my multi-meltas and flamers (sometimes). My big weakness so far is not having a fist/power weapon in the squad. Just not enough close combat oomph for my taste even though that makes and expensive squad even more so. Interesting thoughts, however, I'll give them a try and see how they work for me.