Monday, June 21, 2010

Infamy Arrives

While at Adepticon 2010, I met a gentlemen from Bell of Lost Souls who goes by the name of Bigred. He was wandering the hall of the Team Tournament taking pictures of armies and I happened to be standing next to my Salamanders when he stopped by. He was an amicable sort, and was neither Big or Red. Fast Forward to today, and you'll find the picture that he took the center of the BoLS Caption Contest here. Head on over and drop a comment if you'd like. I'm just excited to have this kind of recognition for my army. I owe it all to the excellent conversions from Ron S. over at +From the Warp+ and Ian F. at Heroes of Armageddon, awesome bits from Chapterhouse Studios & Forgeworld, and Aerion's ridiculous talent with a paint brush. For these salamanders, it took a village. Thanks guys.


chaplainaerion said...

I got a special smile from Nick Vallacci of Chapterhouse Studio's comment:

"It is nice to see our products and bits on a beautiful army - The shoulder pads, shields, rhino doors and land raider extra bits are ours.


chosen1 said...

I don't have the ability to post on BoLS, but you should tell him that we're in the process of adding his drop pod doors on our stuff as well.

chaplainaerion said...

I'll do it.