Sunday, May 23, 2010

40K with Team Snake Eyes: It's a Family Affair!

This past Saturday a few of us got together with the wives and had a picnic. We were to stuff ourselves with food and beer (and some unholy concoction called Yucca) and get in some 40K while the wives played more traditional games upstairs. None of us knew quite how this would work out since we almost always have to ask permission from our spouses in order for us to "geek out". If this picnic were to end with bored wives, we knew the chances of having a Tournafeast like this again would be slim.

Festivities were hosted by Mr. & Mrs. Despoiler in their home, with Mr. & Mrs. Warlock, Mr. & Mrs. Genoside, Ol' Seth and his wife, Mr. & Mrs. Aerion, as well as the wife and I in attendance. Menus and army lists were prepared, terrain & booze were collected, and believe it or was had by all. It was obvious that a day of great food, friends, and beverages would be a successful day for the lads and I. We were nervous about the wives, however, but we think they enjoyed themselves enough for a second Tournafeast to be authorized. So thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Despoiler for putting up with us, and thanks to the rest of the team who contributed to such an awesome weekend of gaming and friends!

Here is a shot of the Despoiler's basement (or Man Cave) where we played. He had enough room for three tables and I managed to get in three games. Battle reports will be in a later post. There's nothing quite like gaming in an unfinished basement to dispel the shadowy sub-culture that is miniature gaming. :-)

In unrelated news, I stoped by Fantasy Games in O'Fallon the other day since the apartment I'm hoping we move into is about 13 minutes away. It was a great store with awesome staff and a good selection of terrain and gaming products. Not too great of a 40k merchandise selection, so I hope they do ordering...

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