Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ard Boyz results from Castle Perilous in Carbondale, Illinois

It's over and done here in Carbondale after a long day of beat downs and miraculous saves. There were eight players at this tournament, and the results are as follows:

1) Black Templars - 52 pts. (10 drop pods and all sorts of other madness)
2) Space Marines - 45 pts. (Focused on Bikes and Devastators)
3) Salamanders - 41 pts. (me, list found here)
4) Tau 40 pts. (Lots of battle suits)
5) Orks 30 pts. (3 battle wagons, 2 bike bosses, etc.)
6) Space Wolves 27 pts. (4 drop pods, Canis, shooty rune priest powers)
7) Chaos Space Marines 19 pts. (Khorne/Nurgle/Undivided list)
8) Black Templars 16 pts. (Aeron's list found here)

My games were as follows:

1st turn: Major Loss vs. the Black Templars that came in 1st
2nd turn: Draw vs. the Tau that came in 4th
3rd turn: Massacre vs. the Space Wolves that came in 6th

Incidentally, the fact that the guy who won did...didn't surprise anyone, the Space Wolf player was tied for 1st with the Ork player after the second round, and I was tied for 4th with about 3 or 4 guys after the same. Don't count your gretchen before they're spawned I suppose.

I played three great guys, and I was very proud to hand my "golden ticket" to the next round to the Tau player. At the end of the third round, a math error (mine) had me two points behind that guy. He pointed out my error which put me ahead of him by one point. He really wanted to advance and effectively pointed something out that would have kept him from going. Seriously, that's some honor right there. I salute you Nick, and wish you the best. You earned your ticket.

I'm bushed and the wife is looking at me like I need to pay attention to her and lay off the 40k for a bit, and I think I'm going to take her up on that. I'll post battle reports later.

If you have not entered into my Super Blog Chain Give-Away, please do so. I'm excited for all the entries, and welcome any more. The more participants we get, the more success we have in our goal of developing our community.

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