Friday, May 21, 2010

1850 Black Templar Rogue Trader list

Here is the list I'm planning to take to DieCon on June 5.

HQ: Marshall in Terminator armor w/ Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield
Elite: Sword Brethren Assault Terminators (3x lightning claws, 2x TH&SS. Furious Charge)
Transport: Land Raider Crusader

HQ: Emperor's Champion w/ Accept Any Challenge

Troops: Initiates x 10 (CCW & BP, 1x power weapon, 1x melta)
Neophytes x 10 w/ CCW & BP

Troops: Initiates x 6 (Bolter x 5, Plasma Cannon)

Troops: Initiates x 7 (Bolter x 5, Plasma Gun, Heavy Bolter)

Troops: Initiates x 10 (CCW & BP x9, Flamer)

Fast Attack: Land Speeder w/ Assault Cannon and Heavy Bolter

Fast Attack: Assault Squad x 6 (Flamer x2, Power Fist)

It looks like a fun list and just might perform as long as I don't face any Tau, Space Wolves, Necrons, Chaos, Orks, Tyrranids, Imperial Guard, Blood Angels, Codex Space Marines, or Inquisition.


b.smoove said...

haha. Good luck.

chaplainaerion said...

Thanks. Someday I'll meet this mythical "Luck" everyone's always yammering on about. I'll smile politely, kiss her hand like a proper gentleman, then spin her around and kick her squarely in the taint.

My main concern with this list is it's the first time I'm rolling without a Chaplain.

chosen1 said...

My suggestions after our game? My list was mechanized, so my bias leans that direction, but you're light on anti-tank as well as mobility. That might not be as much of an issue if you didn't have to walk on from your table edge. That was just too much ground for you to cover as I could just roll backwards and keep shooting. This wouldn't have been an issue if you had played Genoside's Tyranid list, but Marvin's twin defiler list would have hurt a lot.

chaplainaerion said...

I'm definitely having a problem "meshing" with 5E. I have rhinos but they still cost me 50 points so I hesitate to use them. Plus I'm starting to think my Termies are suffering from "Expired" storm shields more than I thought. I just can't hang with shooty armies without transports/tanks, but my choices are limited to overpriced rhinos and Land Raiders. I guess I'll tweak this list and see what I can do to add a couple fists and/or meltas and just see what happens. Darnit, I was kinda getting used to the smell of victory! :D