Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Battle Report: Salamanders vs. Necrons @ 1500pts

I.Q., one of the honchos of the Lords of Egypt group here in Carbondale, Il game me a quick game tonight. I've known him for a number of years, but I've never been able to beat either his necrons or his marines. He used his marines to good effect at our Ard Boys tournament last Saturday by earning the second place berth. Tonight, however, I was to face his necrons. Not sure what his actual list was, but he had a Monolith, a Destroyer Lord with annoying wargear, and several squads of warriors. We rolled for an annhilation mission with a pitched battle deployment. I.Q. won the roll to go first, and deployed like so:

My 1500 point list can be found here, and I kept both speeders and both tactical squads in reserve. I'm not sure why, it's not as if he has a ton of long range shooting, but that's what I did. I guess I get so frustrated when my speeders get geeked early on that I'm over protective of them. At some point I hope to figure this whole 40k thing out. :-) Anyway, here's how I deployed:

My thoughts were to push forward and smash the Necrons with my terminators and dreadnoughts, but that wasn't to be the case. First turn, the monolith drops ordinance on my vindicator and immobilizes it. The rest of the game was quite close up until the end. My speeders were crippled or destroyed, one of my dreads was immobilized, and that Necron lord killed my Chaplain and assault terminators...except for this guy:

That guy killed two squads and almost had another one. He withstood two turns of 17-22 attacks to his two before being brought down by a handfull of guys. His survival made up for the sickness I felt when I.Q. explained what a warscythe did. At the bottom of five we rolled for a 6th turn. I had him 6 kill points to 5, but stranger things have happened. I pushed what I could forward, and brought down quite a few necrons with bolter shots and the demolisher cannon. We rolled for a 7th turn, but there was a caveat...of the 15 or so necrons that I killed, 8 of them needed to get back up to avoid a phase out. 7 of them succeeded and I phased him out. I.Q. said that this was the fourth time he had ever been phased out (with this army list? ever?) and I know this was the first time I have ever been victorious against him. Of course I'm excited about that, but it was a great friendly game and I had a blast playing all the way through and the result wasn't decided till the very end. That's why I play this game. That and I.Q. is willing to pose for cheesy post-game photos that the rest of us wouldn't do.

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