Monday, March 29, 2010

Adepticon 2010...How We Did.

Place: 90th out of 110 teams

Overall Points: 241/499 (48.3%)
Battle Points: 46/240 (19.2%)
Head Count: 15/32 (46.9%)
Command Counters: 16/32 (50%)
Sportsmanship: 56/56 (100%)
Composition: 24/24 (100%)
Theme: 40/45 (88.9%)
Spirit: 5
Army Appearance: 36/60 (60%)
Quiz: 3/10 (30%)

1st Round = 10-Year Lifespan - Tyranids/Imperial Guard/Space Marines (placed 73rd)
2nd Round = Pack-N-Heat - Space Wolves (placed 57th)
3rd Round = Frosty Treats - Space Wolves (placed 38th)
4th Round = Spellbinder - Tau/Tyranids/Eldar/Space Marines (placed 95th)


Clearly, we didn't end up so high on the list. Looking at the breakdown, it's obvious that Battle Points were our weakness. I mean honestly, we scored better (percentage wise) on that hard-ass quiz than we did on getting battle points. Out of 8 games, we accounted for one win and one draw. As far as what to work on, I think that "winning" is certainly on the list. :) We considered our army "half painted", so we hope to gain points in that catagory as well.

The teams we played, for the most part, gave us enjoyable games. We had no experience with the new Tyranids or Space Wolves codexes, and we played some of each in all four rounds. That was troubling to say the least. Two of the teams were primarily teenagers too young to drive. The Space Wolf teams were our age group (30s-40s) and we especially enjoyed those games.

Bottom Line? We got outplayed. We stressed about getting our army put together and painted on time, so we clearly didn't have time to playtest. We didn't know the abilities of our most likely opponents, and so we were easily outclassed. We earned our "Team Snake Eyes" name as well. Three of my four opponents remarked that they had never witnessed anyone roll as poorly as I had done during my games. I refuse to blame my performance on my dice, however, I just think it's funny when I have 13 year old kids shouting "SNAKE!" with me every time I roll yet another one.

We are going back next year. We will be taking the Salamanders (and boy, there weren't a whole lot of codex Space Marines at Adepticon) again, and in spite of our poor showing, we enjoyed our time there.


Ian Thomas Hardin, Esq. said...

Deep Bench here. As TSE support staffer for the weekend I did want to let the readers know that IMHO we had the sharpest uniform shirts and I'm very proud of the 56/56 sportsmanship points!

Adepticon has lit a little bit of a fire under me to get my Eldar I can start planning my Red Scorpions! HUZZAH! Seriously though, having the Eldar around to playtest vs. the Salamanders will only help us for next year.

Check out the videos the Blood for Kittens did at Adepticon, the fellas are in frame more then once...just look for the sweet lime green golf shirts!

"Purity is my shield!"

Farseer Rerolls said...

It was great seeing you guys competing this weekend!

Me and my Buddy visited your tables quite a bit but we really didn't see you face to face till the last round.

You deserve your theme and Sportsmanship scores 110% and your armies looked fantastic, I think they should have done better than a 36.

For your games, I think your biggest problem was being unwilling to commit your forces to decisive action.

Before I start gushing I just wanted to say it was a pleasure meeting you and I look forward to seeing you guys next year if not sometime sooner at whatever random event.

If you're ever near the Lansing, MI area drop a line. It'd be awesome to have a game or a chat.

chosen1 said...

Thanks for the comments. I agree we should have been more aggressive (or even have/use a cohesive plan). I think I'm actually more excited to take my Salamanders back next year than I was to get them out of the house for their first convention. Now at least I get to use our poor showing as leverage with my wife to let me get out and play more...and finish painting the army. :)

Captain Obvious said...

Im with Rerolls.......He and i watched your game against the Nids/Eldar for some time( Im the kid with the DC hat) and we didnt want to intrude to much......I was the guy that helped you on the Doom of Mal'inti with the cover saves and such. You guys had that game won, you did get swindled a bit by those players......they seemed inexpiernced with Nids and you guys were 200% too forgiving in a competetive envirment. No hit on you guys though........AMAZING ARMY was beautifully painted and looked so nice on the table......just wish my Dark Eldar was that pretty....The Chapter house and Forge world looked so pretty on your land raider.

Follow us on our bolg if you so wish.. If you guys ever come to Michigan hit us up wed love to accomidate you all with some fun games.........

chosen1 said...

I'll make sure that I get Aerion & Da Goffer over here to read these comments as they were the two that played the Nid/Eldar combo. I was the tall/bald/goofy looking guy that got shot off the board by the Tau/Space marine coalition. I'm really glad that observers have dropped by with comments. I've made a list of things I think we should work on, and to be honest, I hadn't thought of the stuff you guys have brought up. Good stuff, thanks for that.

Just so you know, I've followed Dark Future Gaming for a while now. That's a fantastic site, and I've never regretted it. If we ever find ourselves in the "frozen north" we'll certainly try to work something out.

bandofthehorn2 said...

Rerolls and Cap, you guys were great spectators. And I agree, we were very forgiving. But to be honest, by that point I was of a mind to just let them play and get it over with. I did stick firm on the one rule I knew they had wrong (the Deep Strike scatter) and consulted a judge who confirmed it.

From a personal point of view, I wasn't as aggressive because I'm still fairly green (no pun intended) with codex marines. With my Templars I'm all about rushing into the fray, cause that's where they excel. Hopefully some more practice and real games will help me with the confidence issue.

Thanks for watching and for your feedback. Every little bit helps. I'll be checking out the blog, too. Stay warm til the thaw and hopefully we'll see you next year!

Old School Terminator said...

Old School here,

It was great seeing the Salamanders represented so well by the Snake Eyes crew! Your army looked amazing and you guys were genuinely stand-up players. Are you all going to Adepticon next year? If so are you bringing the Sallies?

chosen1 said...

Thanks for the compliments! We had a great time, and met many excellent folks. We will likely have a slightly different line up (one team member is retiring from the game for a bit), but I will make every effort to go to Adepticon in 2011 and I will be bringing my Salamanders when I come. We have generated some envy within our local club, so there may be a second team from our area making the trip as well. I'll be posting pics and articles of our efforts to finish our painting and polish our skill here.