Monday, March 22, 2010


Here are some of the preliminary pictures of some of my Salamander HQ choices and my Land Raider. Props go out to Aerion for all the kick ass work he put into these things. Better pictures will be forthcoming once life settles down for Da Goffer (hectic work and new baby only weeks away!). A very special thanks to Ron Saikowski over at From The Warp for converting the characters, and Chapterhouse Studios & Dark Arts Miniatures for the resin bases and cool Salamander bits. I realize I paid for the product, but the hard work and dedication of those craftsmen allowed me to add more character and feel to my army. It absolutely enhances my appreciation and enjoyment of this hobby. I hope you enjoy, I know I will. :)


Captain Obvious said...

That land Raider and terminator squad loooked SOOOOOOOOO pretty on the table not gonna lie.....Even if you didnt as well as you had hoped at least people felt bad killing models that looked that beautiful :)

chosen1 said...

Ha! I should use that. "While I'm sure this Crusader filled with assault terminator appears troubling to your plans, I'm sure you don't want to remove it from the table as its so pleasing to look at...perhaps this land speeder would be a better target?" :)