Thursday, March 11, 2010

Them's the Breaks

Work continues apace on the Adepticon army. Infantry is painted, just awaiting final highlights and basing. Tanks are almost ready, and the T-shirts have been ordered (draft logo pictured above). We were prepared for homework (one team member returned to school after MANY years), births (first child for Da Goffer on the way), and writing my thesis (which has suffered because of my work on the army). While we've already lost or been "fired" by two others, one of the Snake Eyes' own has abandoned them. Shipped a quantity of material for painting, he has sent no word, and has made himself unavailable for contact. We can find an emergency replacement for this guy (we don't want to), but not having the material he was supposed to paint means we won't even be able to compete. We can't write it off and start over as we don't have the funds, having just ponied up the dough for 4000 points of converted Salamanders Space Marines, nor do we have the time to order new bits and get them ready in time. The fate of our team, literally, rests in the hands of a guy who won't speak to us. Basically it looks like the money, effort, and time spent on this project is about to go to waste. Yes, I'll have an army (without shoulder pads and backpacks?) but the point was to go to Adepticon. Needless to say, I'm less than pleased. Is it irony when Team Snake Eyes rolls the dice and gets burned? Nah, that's just "How We Roll". I look forward to updating this post with good news.

EDIT: Good new / Bad news. Turns out our silent partner has sailed into some shitty waters. Bad things happened and he has his priorities (as he should). I would have liked to have known earlier so I would have had time to adapt, but regrets aren't terribly useful now are they? We don't hold it against him, and we wish him all the best. Looks like a trip to Chicago might just be a field trip.

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