Monday, March 15, 2010

Aw Crap

You ever get that feeling that you're up against a wall? I hit that a few weeks ago. You ever get that feeling that you're up against a wall and the guys with guns, who never even offered a cigarette or last request, are laughing at you? That's me. Just under two weeks to go, an increased workload and reduced time to get it done, to Adepticon. I've got 8 Rhinos, 2 Razorbacks, 2 Predators, 3 Dreadnoughts, 2 Land Speeders, 1 Vindicator, 1 Land Raider, 5 Scouts, 90 Marines, 4 Commanders, 4 Objective Markers, & 1 Thunderfire Cannon + Crew to complete. I need to order 25 more Backpacks, and the replacement shoulder pads and BattleFoam transport trays are on their way. We don't have shirts or a display base yet. Madness. The best part? I can't take a detailed digital photo to save my ass, so the only pictures I have so far of 4000 points of Salamanders come from my cell phone. How lame is that? Pretty damn lame if you ask me. With our difficulties it will be a miracle if we even manage to get to Chicago to play this year. Next year, if we play with the exact same list (which will be eaten & shot off the board THIS time around), we should make it just fine. :)

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