Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I hate it when heroes die...

Another hero was called home yesterday:

Dave Arneson: 10/01/1947 - 04/07/2009

Along with last year's passing of:

Gary Gygax: 07/27/1938 - 03/04/2008

Rest in peace gentlemen. You two literally created the foundation upon which my childhood was built. There will never exist a way for me to adequately express my gratitude.

with the utmost respect and admiration,

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chaplainaerion said...

Brother, every time we gather at a table, roll dice and laugh, we honor their lives.

I got to meet Dave A. at my first GenCon Indy. I was working as a volunteer helping the hall marshal and Dave stopped by for directions. He was a really nice old man and I'm glad I got to briefly stand in his presence. Even then, though, he struck me as being a bit sickly, so I'm sure the intervening years and his illness made things difficult. I'm sure he's probably working with Gary on something awesome for us when we get to gamer Heaven.