Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Little Egypt Wars

With the slackjawed morons (apologies to those morons out there without the slack jaws) on the Egyptian Campaign Committee dropping the ball on E-Con 2009, Scott Thorne of Castle Perilous in Carbondale, IL has agreed to put on a temporary measure called Little Egypt Wars. He is also planning to put on the next generation of E-Con in 2010, but there may or may not be legal issues with the name of the thing. Lets give three cheers to the no-account shitheads in the Strategic Gamers Society (SGS) of SIUC for jacking up yet another project. Granted, E-Con has been dying a slow and painful death for a number of years, but this latest debacle was truly mind boggling. Scott's latest efforts can be followed over at:


EDIT: The link above blows chunks...take this one to Castle P's website and navigate around there. I suggest the forums since they don't really have an alternative set up for the event itself:



Genoside07 said...

Yes, the SIU staffers has been putting the knife to ECon for years.. It actually picked up a few years when Aerion took over RPGA for them. But with no dealers and everyone you talk to complain about multiple years of poor planning, no wonder it died..
Dont get me started the year the College refused to turn on the Air Conditioners..(Gamer Funk to the extreme)

At one point I thought our hobby was dying because of Video games but when you see 40 people playing at a one day tourny at Miniture Market, that removes that thought.

Nate said...

E-Con limped on for so many years owing simply to player loyalty. We're trying to help Scott build some of that for himself. With some luck, we'll adequately replace E-Con.