Monday, December 12, 2011

Ol' Seth is at it again

I'll be honest, I'm too lazy to figure out how to tie these new pictures back to their original posts, but Ol' Seth has finished up (I think) his flying rhino and Dreadnought as well as teased us with a heavy weapon trooper.  Enjoy the eye candy!

Now with sculpted wind shield!
On base, left side.

On base, right side.

A neat idea, I too would like a push button missile launcher.

He carries the shield because he was bullied.

It may be the Salamander in me, but I prefer the heavy flamer over the storm bolter.

Looking good!


Warhammer In Progress said...

The Dread is absolutely amazing! are the legs from the Dreadknight kit? Also I have always been a fan of shoulder mounted weaponry, and the push button Missile launcher is a must have.

Ol' Seth said...

No good sir, the legs on the dreadnought are from a Sentinel and from the dreadnought kit. Here is a link that should help. Glad you like it.