Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Who won my first 7th ed. game?

Prince did obviously.

Actually, I played a brand new player.  And we ignored most of the rules minutia and just focused on the core mechanics of the game, how it flowed and when to do what.  And it was a draw.  And it was a blast.  Literally, the kid's words after finishing the game were "Oh yeah, it was worth the money."  And that my friends is why I don't care about 4 billion psychic dice summoning invisible death stars.  If that stuff is fun for you, then by all means, seek it out.  You won't find me there.  So I have no idea how different this edition is from its predecessor, but I'll post up a blog as soon as I get a decent battle report.  Our friendly league nights start at very low points and slowly work themselves up, escalation style (the reasonable escalation - not the Lord of War stuff) so those would be worth much anyway.

In other news, I won a recent "friendly" league we held at the local shop and the prize was the new 7th edition rulebook.  That was fortuitous, as I likely would have waited a long time to pick it up, or asked for it as a gift or some other way to reduce the sting of purchasing a new rulebook so soon after 6th was released.  Yea me.


Grenn Dal said...

congrats on winning the league. I am in the same boat. I don't know when I am getting the new book. I was hoping that it was put into the starter set. That way I could pick it up and sell off all of the stuff I don't need. we shall see.

chaplainaerion said...

So can I assume you think the new edition is a worthy acquisition if it's free?

chosen1 said...

Correct. Very worthy at that price point. 7th is a similar game to 6th, just more complicated.