Sunday, April 4, 2010

Army Showcase: Salamanders Troops

We skimped on our troops in the final, hectic run to Adepticon. They need detailing, highlighting and then washed before I'll call them done. They'll get squad markings, flames on their right shoulder pad and their transports will get dolled up too. Both to add more detail to the model, and to tie them to their squad. I wanted to try a mix of bits (forgeworld, chapterhouse studios, etc.) on the transports just to break up the similarity between, what would be, eight identical tanks. Having never seen a color picture of a Salamander with hair, we took a wild ass guess and went with bright red hair. It grows on me, but I'd be interested to hear what other folks think or have done.

Sniper Scouts (didn't work out so well for me at Adepticon):

Tactical Squad (8 of these guys, outfitted in a similar fashion):

Rhino Transport:

Razorback Transport:

Converted Returned Deathwatch Sgt:

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