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Adepticon 2014: The Friendly Part 2
Sexy Beasts waiting for war

As Chosen1 has already mentioned we spent last weekend bathing in the gamer funk which is Adepticon.  Seriously guys there should not  be a rancid cloud of body odor permeating the halls by Friday night.  I understand that you might have chosen to cram as many bodies into a room as possible to save on costs so that you would be able to afford the hotel’s crappy pizza but I am sure if you asked they would give you more soap.  As typical Chosen1 indulged my paranoid need to not stay at the main hotel, too many people for too long for me.  As a side benefit my hotel smelled of bleach and not of rotting beached whale carcasses.

For the friendly I brought the same list that I have been working with for the past several months.  Now was not the time for change, besides it was what I had painted.
Below is my list and a big thanks to Chosen1 for helping me re-base half of my army at the 11th hour.
Link to Army List

In pink even

My first round opponent, who Chosen1 would end up facing in the second round, was a great guy who brought an interesting and flavorful Carchardon’s list .   His list was roughly Tyberos, two Assault Terminator squads, 5 scouts with a Storm, a small unit of assault marines, a unit of devs, a storm talon and two full tac squads on foot.

Sir Robin has nothing on me.

That many 2+ saves is hard for my army to deal with.  Luckily they were on foot which allowed for a cunning plan to take shape.  I deployed with my army split into two halves each side taking a flank and the terminators with lord holding down a central building.  He spread out fairly evenly across the table setting up to come at me in a wave.  Holding his terminators and storm talon in reserve.
Highlights of this game are him missing a first turn charge against my terminators due to over watch then me getting stuck in combat with 4 assault marines for 5 player turns and losing four of the five terminators while my lord spawned out. –  not their finest hour.

Sure glade I brought the spawn along and left
the Daemon Prince at home.

At the end of the game I was able to pull off a crushing win not due to some tactical genius or through killing his army off.  In fact I was steadily losing units and I was unable to stop the advancing terminators.  Rather I pulled a win by utilizing the Saotome School of Anything Goes Martial Arts Secret Technique, I ran away and hid!  I had managed to get a slight edge in Kill Points then I ran away while he chased after me.

My Second round opponent was none other than Squoze, Herald of Nurgle from the The Lonely Havocs, yep I traveled 5 hours to play one our local players.  I am in awe of Squoze’s painting and modeling seriously if you haven't yet you should go check out his army.  I’ll wait…
Stamos does what Stamos wants.

As for the Game it was again a crushing win for me in which I had barely eked out a win by running away from his army.  I had one stellar round of shooting where I knocked out both of his soul grinders and then I focused on his troops while staying away from the rest of his hard hitters.  I would be lying if I said that I had expected to win this game.  At the end we both had to double check the math and still didn’t quite believe that I had won with full points.  If I have one suggestion for next year it would be to adjust the scoring so that it is not so lopsided in favor of the primary.  
While I am under no illusions about winning best paint at one point a judge made a point to come by and say that we had two of his favorite armies at the event.  While I did get a warm fuzzy from this, the varied and converted armies are a big part of the reason that I drive 5 hours away to play with dollies.  


My third round and final opponent would go on to win best general of the event.  So spoiler alert I didn’t win this one.  My opponent took a full on kroot gunline army,  over 85 models in the army and every one model to look like a kroot.  His List follows;  Toolbox commander and Etheral teamed up with a maxed out Missile slide broadside team.  70 Kroot with hounds and Krootox, 10 Pathfinders and a full sniper drone team.

His converted Command Squad with tool box commander
 standing in front of his Broadside unit.

The one advantage that I had this round was my bastion, he could not crack the AV14, and for the first two rounds it looked like I was going to be able to grind out a draw against him.  Anything of mine that stood out in the open was obliterated by Tau fire but on the plus side I was removing at least one scoring unit a turn.  Then by round three my opponent lobbied for vortex missiles which then scattered about my half of the table removing everything on my side of the board.  Not much left for me to do but to grin and embrace the wanton destruction of three str “D” pie plates roaming about my side.  After my bastion and the ruins my remaining scoring unit was hiding behind  were removed due to votexiness (it’s a real word I swear) we stopped keeping track of turns and just played to see if I could get to his HQ before I was tabled, short answer was no but I got real close. :)

A Missile Drone / Dog playing Frisbee.

My overall Impression is that the lists actually seemed less hard and more friendly than last year, even with the couple of outliers.  I had a blast and I will be eagerly anticipating what new and wacky missions that they come up with next year.  On the plus side while I went a respectable 2-1 my team won best overall team netting me my very own dirty dozen.

I got Jefferson which is great because we even look alike.

For the breath of the tournament the MVP of my army had to be the large noise marine squad.  They did work all day removing scoring units and hold fast to objectives. The Goat would fall to the terminators but only because they were the least of the good.  Even when they failed to kill a minimum squad of assault marines they did amuse me.

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Glad you had a good time. I am looking forward to going next year. It is funny when you get matched up with a friend when there are so many people playing. I know I would feel weird getting matched up with you or Chosen1.