Sunday, April 4, 2010

Army Showcase: Salamanders Headquarters

These "army showcase" posts are constant works in progress.  As models get added to my collection, I will try to update this post.

Terminator Librarian (citadel finecast, Painting by Aerion)
Pay particular attention to the free hand detail on the tabard.  Aerion is a freak of nature.

Chapter Master/Captain (Converted by Ron Saikowski, Painting by Aerion)

I particularly enjoy the serpentine "2" for the 2nd Company designation

Vulkan He'Stan (Converted by Ron Saikowski, Painted by Aerion)

Master of the Forge with Conversion Beamer (Converted by Ian Fergus, Painted by Aerion)

Librarian (Converted by Ron Saikowski, Painted by Aerion)

Terminator Chaplain (Converted by Ron Saikowski, Painted by Aerion)

Bray'arth Ashmantle - Painted by Aerion


Ian Thomas Hardin, Esq. said...

I LOVE the bases...they really showcase the miniatures!

Warhammer 40k said...

You have done a great job and I agree with Ian, the bases look amazing!

chosen1 said...

Thanks for the compliment (and for stopping by)!

inquisitor_dunn said...

Very nice looking miniatures. Be proud.

chosen1 said...


Silar Lannanaris said...

Hey just came across your blog and wandered if you would be up for joining the Badab Veterans? ( Go have a look and if interested let me know. Thanks

chosen1 said...

@ Silar Lannanaris: That's sounds like a great idea. Thanks for stopping by!