Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wednesday Night Game & Local 'Ard Boyz

Some things go well together. Chocolate & Peanut Butter. Beer and Chicago Bear football. Bloody Marys from the Cellar (my watering hole in Carbondale, IL) & anything else up to and including more Bloody Marys. Somebody even thought that this dude had something worthwhile going on. What doesn't go well together you ask? Blackreach Orks and Space Marines playing in the same 1500 point list. :) I showed up at Castle Perilous, my local game store for a 3000 point game against Orks. That guy showed up early and was already playing by the time I arrived. I hung around chatting with an old friend until a guy I didn't know walked up and asked for a game. He said he only had 1500 points, and I was happy to oblige. About half of his army was tricked out, shooty Space Marines, and the other was tricked out, assaulty Orks. I was looking at a Chapter Master paired up with a 10 man Tac squad with lascannon in a Drop Pod, a Ven Dread with TL lascannon, 5 Terminators, 5 Nobs with Warboss, 3 Defcoptas, & 20 boyz. The characters & Nobs were all tricked out with various do-dads. I used my 1500 point RTT list detailed here. He said he was a new player, but the guy had a good head on his shoulders. He supported his units, made good decisions, and otherwise played a tough game. It was the toughest beating my 1500 point Salamanders have taken to date. My vindicator was, again, MVP as it shot to pieces anything it could and finally shielded my objective claiming marines from hostile fire. This was the first game where I lost all terminators and my Land Raider, to a 20 boy mob assault & TL lascannon respectively. His only failing was that he didn't play the Capture & Control objectives well and I owned mine while he didn't control or contest his. Anyway, he was a great guy, who I hope I play again (as a Space Marine OR an Ork...the combination was tough!). :) It was a good enough game that I forgot to take pictures, so you'll have to make due with the virtuoso at the top.

In other news, Castle Perilous will be putting on their 'Ard Boys event on May 15th. It's my weekend with my daughter, so I doubt I'll be able to participate, but I hope my boys from Cape will make an attempt.


Bookw0rm said...

Did he have any kind of fluff or back story to the rather strange pairing of SM and

chosen1 said...

Nope. He was just a new player who only had the Blackreach set. He said he had been doing "surprisingly well" with the list, and now I see why. :-) Since it was a casual, pick-up game I didn't really mind, I suppose I was just taken by surprise at how effective it was. I told him not to get used to that sort of efficiency in the future. I might suggest proxies if we have another game, but it was clearly all he had to play with at that time.