Sunday, April 4, 2010

Army Showcase: Salamanders Heavy Support

I'm happy with everything here. A speed-loader with four Thunderfire rounds in it? Yes please. GW really made a winner with the Thunderfire Cannon model. The Land Raider (made awesome by Aerion's mastery with the paint brush) speaks for itself, although I'd like to see the Forge World doors switched around. The Salamander head pointing to the rear of the tank bugs me a bit. I'm not sure how to go about popping the doors off without snapping the resin (made of gold, elfin magic, and the sweet sweet juice of a woman...or at least they must make their resin like that due to its outrageous cost...) Chapterhouse Studios (link on right column) was my friend when building this army. If you are thinking of building a reptile themed force, do not leave home without them.

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