Sunday, July 4, 2010

Army Showcase - Ol' Seth's Biel Tan Eldar Host

Something I've wanted to do for a while is show you folks what some of the other members of Team Snake Eyes bring to the table. I finally got some pictures of my good buddy Ol' Seth's Biel Tan eldar. These are so good that I just had to post them before my internet gets disconnected due to my move (headed from Carbondale, IL to Fairview Heights, IL). In the interests of full disclosure, Ol' Seth wanted me to say that he painted everything but Baharroth and the swooping hawks (painted by Mrs. Ol' Seth) and the Super Heavy Tank, wave serpents and vipers (painted by Rachel of Iron Halo painting). I'd love to tell you which is what on these pics, but I know crap-all about eldar (or any army other than I.G. or Codex Space Marines). I've asked for close up pictures of specific units and characters, so hopefully those will be forthcoming. This is a gorgeous army, and it is always a pleasure to play against it. Enjoy


chaplainaerion said...

It is a nice army to play against. Someday maybe I'll actually beat it. (A guy can dream, right?)

I can help on some of the items listed:

Superheavy is front and center.

Vipers are the "Jet Bike" thingees to either side.

Wave Serpents are the tanks at the lower right and upper left corners of the formation (the ones with very white vents and the cross beams between the forward swoops).

I think Barharroth(sp) is standing next to the Avatar but not sure which one he is.

How long will your vox be down, Chosen?

chosen1 said...

Initial move commences tomorrow (7/5/10) with final heavy lifting taking part on (7/10/10). I could use an extra set of hands to load the truck if you're free. I'm trying to get ahold of Da Goffer to ask him, but not getting any response. ;)

chaplainaerion said...

I'll be in the Lou at that tourney then but I can come over the day before and help out getting ready to load. Not sure if that'll be any help or not but I'm willing and available.