Friday, July 9, 2010

Because Chosen1 is a whiney (bleeep!)

In Hoc Signo Vinces

Today the Howard Crusade christens a new vehicle to wreak exploding wrath upon the enemies of mankind. Whether those explosions are delivered via a huge shell or by the tank itself blowing up remains to be seen, but considering the track record of the Crusade's mechanized assets I know where my money's going.

This is the list I'm taking. It's a beefed-up version of the list that performed well at DieCon and I'm hoping the addition of a Chaplain and a Vindicator will get things swinging to the side of the Sons of Dorn.

HQ: Marshal Gundaker in Terminator armor w/ TT&SS.

Elite: Sword Brethren Terminator Assault Squad- Lightning Claws x3, TT/SS x2
Transport: Land Raider Crusader w/ Extra Armor

Emperor's Champion w/ Accept Any Challenge No Matter the Odds

Troops: Crusade Squad Bolt Pistol/CCW x8, Melta Gun, Bold Pistol/Power Fist
Neophytes x10 w/ Bolt Pistol & CCW

Troops: Crusader Squad Bolter x5, Plasma Cannon

Troops: Crusader Squad Bolter x5, Plasma Gun, Heavy Bolter

Troops: Crusader Squad Bolt Pistol/CCW x8, Flamer, Bolt Pistol & Power Fist

Fast Attack: Land Speeder w/ Heavy Bolter & Assault Cannon

HQ: Reclusiarch w/ Jump Pack, Artificer Armor, and Melta Bombs.

Fast Attack: Assault Squad Bolt Pistol/CCW x3, Flamer x2, Bolt Pistol & Power Fist.

Heavy Support: Vindicator w/ Smoke Launchers, Dozer Blade, Extra Armor.

This is the first list in a very long time that has included at least one of every force org choice and I'm hoping that means it's well-rounded. As this will be the second tourney for this type of list I'll see how the performance compares to Diecon and see if this, finally, is THE list.

Chaplain Aerion signing off from the Battlebarge Shield of Pending Redemption.


dean said...

So how'd you do in the last game. Get those powders. I think you will like them.


chaplainaerion said...

I won against Andrew, a very fun and potentially lethal young Space Marine player.

I'll post official batreps as soon as I get some free time along with some pics. If anyone I played needs copies emailed I will obviously need an addy.

Mine is

Great playing you Dean and I will definitely be investing in some pigments as soon as I have a little financial squeaking room.

chosen1 said...

I'm glad to hear that you did so well this past weekend. I would like to bestow yet another accolade upon you: First post on our blog that doesn't have a title. Dorn doesn't like sloppy blogging. ;)

dean said...

I cannot stress enough that you have a very clean black. I am very impressed.

I gave you my email... its at the bottom of your pocket on that business card. :p

chosen1 said...

First of all Dean, Thanks for stopping by! Second, as opposed to "some random guy" I'm Aerion's partner in crime here at the TSE blog, and third...that's a pretty freaking fantastic banner you've got there on that Deathwing Terminator. You paint that? If so, I'm very impressed. :)

dean said...

No, I knew who you are... (Chad?) You're name is on the cover page.. :p

Yes I painted the banner, I figured your partner in crime might appreciate it since it wasnt part of the army I brought Saturday. I'm glad the linky worked.

My plog:

Let me know next time you guys come up this way and I'll talk Mrs. Dean into letting me come play. I've added this to my "check regularly" list...

chaplainaerion said...

Awesome Dean (both on the banner and on becoming a stalker).

The black I use is the easiest thing in the world. Chaos Black primer. I use it for everything except terrain (cause it's too damned pricey for big projects).

I'm going to strongly encourage my crowd to take part in the Siegeworld event next month. I wanted to last year but just couldn't manage it.

chosen1 said...

Dude, seriously...I had to fix your title since you used the HTML tag brackets instead of a more civilized punctuation. Now your censored honorific shows up. What we should do, however, is track down a listing of the local game events coming up and make a schedule. Everyone that I know has a Mrs. lording over them and making them do stuff that doesn't involve dice. For better or worse right? ;)

chaplainaerion said...

Sounds reasonably challenging. I'll start checking things on GameStLouis and you figure out how to post a calendar or something.