Thursday, July 22, 2010

Battle Report: Salamanders vs. Necrons @ 1850

Had another Thursday night game at Fantasy Games tonight. I played Matt, a Necron player. We rolled for a Capture and Conrol mission with Spearhead deployment. Matt, who was a fantastic player and an even better sport considering some of the horrific rolling he had this evening, won the roll to go first and picked his table quarter and I failed to win the initiative. Our objective placement wasn't all that exciting with each of us placing it in the corner about 12" in. I used my standard 1850 list discussed here, keeping both of my tactical squads in reserve.

Matt's list consisted of (2) 20 Necron Warrior squads, a Monolith, some Heavy Destroyers, Flayed Ones, Scarab Swarms, and a lord on foot with the requisite Res. Orb.

Matt's first turn wasn't very productive. He moved everthing forward as fast as it would go and he managed to stun a dreadnought. I moved my Land Raider forward and unloaded my terminators - who were able to make their 6" difficult terrain roll and assault through cover, destroying the scarabs. That was the story of the night. I made more rolls than I had a right to, and poor Matt managed to capture the low end of the bell curve all night long. Between my Assault Terminators (backed up with Vulkan & a Chaplain), my Vindicator, and the Predator twins, the necrons were phased at the bottom of turn five. I had my objective & contested his for the win.

I had another terrific opponent, played a brilliantly painted army on a table filled with superb terrain. A great game at, what is turning out to be, a great store for me. Special thanks go out to Chambers who has served as resident rules guru for both of my matches.


chaplainaerion said...

Looks like another great game for the Sallys and I'm jealous of how many nice looking armies you're getting to face. Not that our local brothers don't have nice stuff, but a different army every week would be glorious.

Genoside07 said...

The buildings are from Mordheim, It is a skirmish level warhammer game that can be found on Games Workshop's web page for free. I know this is a polar opposite of what you normally do, but check it out, its great fun.

chosen1 said...

@ Aerion: There are quite a few good looking armies up there, but that doesn't stop folks from wandering by to admire our handi-work. :)

@ Genoside: Believe it or not, I have heard of Mordheim. I even used some of their awesome minis for my D&D characters back before WoTC got into the plastic crack business. Mrs. Chosen1 gave me quite the riot act last night for an hour and a half at the game store and 30 minutes of blogging. That's for a game I already play. I get into another one and she'll absolutely kill me. (Mrs. Chosen1 doesn't have any hobbies so her acceptance of mine comes and goes)