Friday, May 6, 2011

New Salamanders Stuff!

Forgeworld is releasing some new Salamander's stuff, presumably for that Badab War business that they've got going on right now.  While I have not read any of those books, there appears to be some love given to my chapter, so I ordered a few sets of these bad boys this morning.  I am hoping that they come through with brass etchings for them as well.  I need to add something to my vehicles, and that might just be the thing.  Of course, I could always head over and read CVinton's article on tank weathering....

Anywho, now that we've got that out of the way, I'd like to congratulate the Team Snake Eyes crew for, what happens to be, our 100th post.  I've never considered myself a serious blogger.  I actually don't think I'd want to be.  I enjoy my hobbies, and I enjoy sharing that with folks, but I really enjoy reading up on "real" bloggers and how they do what we do.  A few interesting facts about the Team Snake Eyes Blog:

Top Five most viewed posts:
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We've had just over 27,000 page views from 107 countries.  Ever heard of Mauritius?  I haven't, but that's the latest country to stop by.  Granted, I think many of my foreign visitors might be proxy servers for spam or some such, but my delusions of owning an International Blog of Mystery please me.  So don't burst my bubble.  A very special thanks to the 57 folks kind enough to "follow" the blog as well.  You're all far too kind.

Lastly, I'd like to thank the two blogs most responsible for sending visitors my way.  From the Warp, and Dark Future Games.  I won't lie, I got into this business, albeit in an amateur fashion, because of these two blogs.  They have served as my inspiration and they have supported my site on their own.  Thanks for all that you do gentlemen.  I owe you some drinks.

Edit (05/26/2001) - Games Day France 2011 picture of a Salamanders Venerable Dreadnought.  Too, too sweet.
Salamander Character Dread from Badab War books?
Photo from Thomas Fritz


chaplainaerion said...

You already ordered them? Damn. I was hoping this would slip past your radar. -sigh- I'll get the brushes ready. :D

chosen1 said...

Relax. I have you on a "Salamander Painting Moratorium" for a while. I plan on working up the new terminators, dreadnoughts, and these pads (I'll need some suggestions on how to proceed with them) myself and then get to you for the purple steps & highlighting.

Old School Terminator said...

Thank you very much for the link! All of the top posts you presented are great articles and if you have any doubts about it, you are are some serious bloggers. It's about quality, not quantity!